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Build a solid foundation to start your mutual-fund investing off right.
Your Credits Courses
101: What Is a Mutual Fund?

102: Mutual Funds and NAVs

103: Understanding Total Return

104: Mutual Funds and Taxes

105: How to Purchase a Fund

106: Methods for Investing in Mutual Funds

107: Fund Costs

108: Important Fund Documents, Part 1

109: Important Fund Documents, Part 2

You understand funds and are ready to invest. Learn the essentials of picking the best funds for you.
Your Credits Courses
201: Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Mutual Fund

202: Benchmarks

203: Looking at Historical Risk, Part 1

204: Looking at Historical Risk, Part 2

205: Gauging Risk and Return Together, Part 1

206: Gauging Risk and Return Together, Part 2

207: Examining a Stock Fund's Portfolio, Part 1

208: Examining a Stock Fund's Portfolio, Part 2

209: Why Knowing Your Fund Manager Matters

210: Your First Fund

211: What to Look For in a Fund

You know the rules of good fund picking, now tailor your fund portfolio. You'll also learn how to choose index, international, and bond funds.
Your Credits Courses
301: Why Diversify?

302: Building Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

303: Choosing an Index Fund

304: SRI Funds

305: Choosing an International Fund, Part 1

306: Choosing an International Fund, Part 2

307: Bond Funds, Part 1

308: Bond Funds, Part 2

309: Munis

Get more sophisticated with specialized funds and with more effective strategies for buying funds.
Your Credits Courses
401: Shades of Value

402: Shades of Growth

403: Using Focused Funds

404: Style-Box-Specific versus Flexible Funds

405: Sector-Fund Investing

406: Using Quirky Bond Funds

407: Bear-Proofing Your Portfolio

408: The Plight of the Fickle Investor

409: Chasing Closing Funds

410: Buying the Unloved

411: Buying Rookie Funds

You've chosen a great lineup of funds and combined them in the perfect mix. Don't just rest easy--find out how to keep your portfolio in good health.
Your Credits Courses
501: Avoiding Portfolio Overlap

502: Fund Warning Signs

503: Where and Why Asset Size Matters

504: When to Sell a Fund

505: Rebalancing Your Portfolio

506: Calculating Your Personal Rate of Return

507: Calculating Your Cost Basis

508: Is Your Retirement Portfolio on Track?

509: Seeking Financial Advice

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