Course 509: Seeking Financial Advice
Calculate the Cost
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1 Introduction
2 Decide What You Want.
3 Ask the Right Questions
4 Investigate Investment Philosophy
5 Calculate the Cost
6 Ask for References

Don't leave an advisor's office until you completely understand how the advisor or broker is compensated. Some advisors charge clients a percentage of their assets per year to manage their money--fees commonly range from 0.75% to 1.5% per year, with lower rates for larger accounts and higher rates for smaller ones. Other advisors charge on an hourly or per-engagement basis; such setups can be the most cost-effective for those seeking help with a specific problem rather than soup-to-nuts financial guidance. Brokers will tend to use a commission structure, earning a cut of each transaction in your portfolio.

Once you understand the structure of an advisor or broker's compensation, get those details in writing. Have the advisor estimate what it will cost to create your plan and manage your investments on an ongoing basis, including both fees and commissions, in dollars and cents.

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