Course 509: Seeking Financial Advice
Decide What You Want.
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Decide What You Want.
3 Ask the Right Questions
4 Investigate Investment Philosophy
5 Calculate the Cost
6 Ask for References

Are you looking for someone to handle one part of your financial life, such as taxes or estate planning, or are you seeking a financial advisor who can take care of it all? Knowing the answer to that question helps you narrow your search to those advisors with skills to match your needs.

Once you've set your priorities, begin your search by asking your accountant or attorney for recommendations. Query friends and professional colleagues who work with advisors. Identify a handful of advisors whose services meet your needs, and then call to determine how much money you'll need to become a client. Confirm their services and specialties. After you've found a few good matches, schedule initial meetings, which should be free of charge.

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