Course 508: Is Your Retirement Portfolio on Track?
What's Your Starting Point?
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1 Introduction
2 What's Your Starting Point?
3 Do You Need a Sure Thing?
4 How Much Can You Withdraw, and Will That Be Enough?
5 Making Up for Shortfalls

The first step in assessing the feasibility of your retirement plan is to find your portfolio's current asset allocation--how your investment assets are apportioned among stocks, bonds, and cash.

If you don't know yours,'s Instant X-Ray tool can help you determine it. Enter each of your holdings into the tool and then click Show Instant X-Ray. (If your current asset allocation is different from what you expect it to be when you're close to retirement, adjust accordingly.)

On the Retirement Income Worksheet , circle the portfolio mix that most closely matches your own.

Next to the pie chart that matches your asset allocation, circle the number of years that you expect to be retired. Go to the Social Security website for a calculator to help to determine your life expectancy. If you're married, use the female partner's life expectancy because it's longer. If you and/or your spouse are in good health, add a few years or more.

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