Course 405: Classic-Growth Stocks
How Fast Has It Been Growing?
In this course
1 Introduction
2 How Fast Has It Been Growing?
3 What Are the Trends in Growth Rates?
4 Where Is Growth Coming From?
5 Is Profitability Keeping Pace with Growth?
6 What Is the Company Doing with Its Profits?
7 Is the Company's Debt Leverage Increasing?
8 How Has the Stock Performed?
9 How Do the Stock's Price Valuations Compare with Those of Similar Firms?
10 Conclusion: Quality versus Price

McDonald's has posted solid growth rates. Its annualized three-year revenue growth through 1999 was about 8%, more than double the GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate. McDonald's isn't growing as fast as an aggressive-growth firm, but the tradeoff is that it should offer more dependability than higher-octane growers. That's why we'll start by scrutinizing McDonald's performance for signs of instability.

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