Course 102: The Stock Exchanges
Regional Exchanges
In this course
1 Introduction
2 The New York Stock Exchange
3 Nasdaq
4 The American Stock Exchange
5 Regional Exchanges
6 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Stocks

In addition to the national stock exchanges, there are four regional exchanges: The Boston Stock Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Pacific Exchange (in San Francisco and Los Angeles), and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. There’s also the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, which, despite its name, is a purely electronic market (like Nasdaq) with its headquarters in Chicago.

These regional exchanges started as places for trading the stocks of local companies, which didn’t want to, or couldn’t afford to, be listed on a national exchange. Some such stocks still trade on these exchanges, but the majority of the activity is now in nationally listed stocks, which also trade on one of the major national markets. The Chicago, Pacific, and Philadelphia Stock Exchanges have also followed Amex in becoming major centers for the trading of options and derivatives.

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