Course 109: Important Fund Documents, Part 2
What To Do Next
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Letter from the President
3 Letter from the Portfolio Manager
4 Recent Fund Performance
5 Portfolio Holdings
6 Footnotes
7 Financial Statements
8 What To Do Next

You can request a prospectus, SAI, or annual report by phone, by direct mail, and sometimes by e-mail. Many funds also make this literature available for download at their Web sites. All mutual funds file their prospectuses, shareholder reports, and SAIs with the SEC. You can view these at the SEC's Web

While we suggest that you begin your fund evaluation with these documents, we don't think you should stop there. Seek out third-party sources, such as Morningstar, to help put your fund into context. Compare it with other funds that have similar investment approaches. You should evaluate how its costs stack up, if its performance is competitive, and if it compensates for the risks it is taking on.

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