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Get in on the ground floor of stock investing by learning how stocks work and what it means to be a shareholder.
Your Credits Courses
101: Stocks Versus Other Investments

102: The Magic of Compounding

103: Investing for the Long Run

104: What Matters and What Doesn't

105: The Purpose of a Company

106: Gathering Relevant Information

107: Introduction to Financial Statements

108: Learn the Lingo--Basic Ratios

When you buy stock, you get part of a company. Here's how you find out whether it's worth investing in.
Your Credits Courses
201: Stocks and Taxes

202: Using Financial Services Wisely

203: Understanding the News

204: Start Thinking Like an Analyst

205: Economic Moats

206: More on Competitive Positioning

207: Weighing Management Quality

Is the price right for that stock? Put a value on a company's current condition and its future prospects.
Your Credits Courses
301: The Income Statement

302: The Balance Sheet

303: The Statement of Cash Flows

304: Interpreting the Numbers

305: Quantifying Competitive Advantages

Master the Morningstar Rating for Stocks to sort bargain stocks from overpriced fare. Use Morningstar stock types for insight into a company's potential risks and rewards.
Your Credits Courses
401: Understanding Value

402: Using Ratios and Multiples

403: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow

404: Putting DCF into Action

405: The Fat-Pitch Strategy

406: Using Morningstar's Rating for Stocks

407: Psychology and Investing

408: The Case for Dividends

409: The Dividend Drill

You know how to analyze a business thoroughly and find great stock investments. Now learn how to assemble a portfolio of stocks the Morningstar way.
Your Credits Courses
501: Constructing a Portfolio

502: Introduction to Options

503: Unconventional Equities

504: Great Investors: Benjamin Graham

505: Great Investors: Philip Fisher

506: Great Investors: Warren Buffett

507: Great Investors: Peter Lynch

508: Great Investors: Others in the Hall of Fame

509: 20 Stock-Investing Tips

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