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How do I use Investing Classroom?

Does it cost anything?

Do I have to register?

Why should I register?

What are Classroom Credits?

How do I know how many Classroom Credits I have?

How do I trade in my Classroom Credits?


How do I use the Investing Classroom?
You can use the Investing Classroom in two ways. Either take the courses in order, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced material, or jump around and focus only on the courses you're most interested in.

Does it cost anything?
No. The classroom is free to all users.

Do I have to register to use the
Investing Classroom?

Yes. As a Free Member you can take the courses and the quizzes and be eligible to earn 60 days of free Premium Membership to These are a selection of great Morningstar products and merchandise!

Why should I become a registered user?
Registered users accumulate Classroom Credits for correctly answering quiz questions. These credits can be exchanged for a free, 60-day Premium Membership to The more you learn, the more you earn!

How do I know how many Classroom Credits
I have?

Your cumulative classroom credits appear in your personalized Course Catalog. They're also automatically updated when you hit the "Get your quiz results" button after answering the final question in each quiz. We use "cookies" to keep track of your credits. Cookies, as you may know, are pieces of identifying information created by the site and temporarily stored on your hard drive. Should your browser be set to not accept cookies, we will not be able to track your progress through the curriculum.

Depending on what browser you have (Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, for example) the choice of enabling cookies is usually located under an Internet Options or Preferences tab.

Our Privacy Policy contains additional information about the use of cookies on the site.

How do I trade in my Classroom Credits for Morningstar merchandise?
After you have accumulated 790 points, a link will appear in the course curriculum window allowing you to click and register for your free, 60-day Premium Membership to Once you have completed your Premium registration, you'll have 60 days to enjoy all the benefits of Premium membership at no cost to you. That includes over 3,800 stock and fund analyst reports, fund analyst picks and stock buy and sell recommendations.

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