Course 207: Treasury Inflation-Adjusted Securities
Invest in the Treasury and Beat Inflation, Too
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Bond and Inflation Basics
3 What Is an Inflation-Adjusted Security?
4 Characteristics of Inflation-Adjusted Securities
5 Advantages of Inflation-Adjusted Securities
6 Taxation of Inflation-Adjusted Securities
7 Invest in the Treasury and Beat Inflation, Too

The market for U.S. Treasury securities is actively and highly liquid. As a new type of security, inflation-adjusted securities may not be as well developed and understood as other types of Treasury securities. This could result in larger spreads between what a dealer is willing to pay for an inflation-adjusted security and what sellers are willing to sell them for, leading to higher costs for the common investor. There are still unknowns associated with Treasury inflation-adjusted securities not ordinarily associated with other Treasury notes.

For example, what happens if the structure of the CPI-U index is changed? But regardless of the uncertainties, there is no doubt that these unique bonds are one of the safest types of investments you can buy.

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