Course 307: Getting More Conservative
Restrain Your Bond Mix
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1 Introduction
2 Are You Being Too Aggressive?
3 Alter Your Asset Mix
4 Restrain Your Bond Mix
5 Subdue Your Stock Mix
6 Tone Down Your Foreign Mix
7 Test Drive Before You Buy

In addition to altering your asset mix, you can curtail the volatility in specific asset groups, too.

For instance, many portfolios include intermediate-term bonds at their core. To damp the volatility of an intermediate-term-bond portfolio, consider adding a short-term bond fund to your mix.

Because the maturity dates of short-term bonds are nearer than those of intermediate-term bonds, short-term bonds tend to be less volatile. They often yield less, as well. Finally, they usually gain less than intermediate-term bonds when interest rates fall, but lose less when rates rise.

Many online financial Web sites, such as, offer screening tools that are a good starting point for ideas about conservative bond funds. Additionally, analyst recommendations, or picks, are a great place to begin, too. Premium Memberscan access Morningstar Fund Analyst Picks. (And nonmembers cansign up for a free trial.)

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