Course 306: Getting More Aggressive
Are You Being Aggressive Enough?
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Are You Being Aggressive Enough?
3 Shake Up Your Asset Mix
4 Rev Up Your Bond Mix
5 Electrify Your Stock Mix
6 Awaken Your Foreign Mix
7 Test Drive Before You Buy

How aggressive you should be with your investments depends on three things:

  • your investment goal, or how much money you'll need
  • your investment horizon, or how long you plan to invest for the goal
  • your ability to handle volatility

To find out whether your current portfolio is aggressive enough to meet your goals, use an online asset allocation tool.

If you find that your current portfolio is unlikely to allow you to reach your goal, or you find that it isn't as volatile as you may have thought, consider ways to make your portfolio more aggressive.

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