Course 102:
Determining Your Goals and What They'll Cost
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1 Introduction
2 Annual Cost of Retirement
3 Number of Years in Retirement

We'd never show up at a party without knowing beforehand what type of party it was. Is it a formal dinner party for a dozen close friends or a frat-house kegger?

Yet we regularly invest, squirreling away as much as we can, without knowing whether we're saving enough for our goals. That's because most of us have no idea what our goals will cost.

For example, some financial-planning experts say we'll need 80% of our pre-retirement income to live comfortably once we stop working. In reality, thrifty retirees make do on less. Others, meanwhile, spend their retirements traveling, or taking up expensive hobbies. (Golf, anyone?) They spend more in retirement than they did while working.

This course will give you some idea what your goals may cost.

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