Course 103:
How Much Risk Can You Tolerate?
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Two General Risks
3 Contributors to Volatility
4 How Much Volatility Can You Take?

Husbands endure Saturday-evening dinners with their in-laws in exchange for a Sunday of uninterrupted football. Kids pass up watching television to take out the trash and wash dishes because they want spending money. And parents extend Friday night curfews as a reward for good behavior during the week.

Life is about trade-offs. So is investing.

The investment trade-off is between risk and return. Getting a return on your investment means accepting risk, at least to some extent. But what, exactly, is risk? And how much of it can you tolerate?

This course will review the types of risk involved in investing, and show you how to develop your philosophy about investment risk.

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