Course 201:
How to Juggle Different Investment Goals
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Map Out What Each Goal Will Cost
3 Recognize Your Options for Each Goal
4 Craft a Portfolio for Each Goal
5 When Is Enough Enough?

The 100 Level of the Investing Classroom's Portfolio trackcovered setting goals, getting a handle on risk, and building a portfolio. But as your life changes, so will your goals.

Say your financial goal right now is retirement. But what happens if you have a child two years from now? Paying for college will become a goal, too. And maybe buying a larger home three years after that. Or paying for a parent's long-term care. Most investors eventually have multiple investment goals.

The 200 Level of the Portfolio Track will cover many of the issues you'll face when investing for different goals, as well as how to invest for various time horizons.

This course, in particular, offers general guidance for how to invest for more than one goal.

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