Course 304: SRI Funds
How Do These Funds Work in My Portfolio?
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1 Introduction
2 What Issues Are Most Important to Me?
3 How Does a Fund Screen Its Investments?
4 Is This Fund Involved in Shareholder Activism and Community Investment?
5 Is This a Good Investment?
6 How Do These Funds Work in My Portfolio?

Do you want an entire portfolio of funds that match your values, or are you comfortable with just one or two SRI offerings? There are socially responsible funds available in all major asset classes, although they're not equal in quality or quantity. SRI funds focusing on U.S. companies are the most plentiful. However, there are fewer SRI bond and international funds.

If you can't find enough suitable funds to build an all-SRI portfolio, you might simply choose one SRI fund to serve as a good large-cap core holding. After all, the largest companies are likely to have the biggest impact on the issues you care about, so why not focus on the big guys? There are a number of respectable large-cap funds available to socially conscious investors, including Domini Social Equity, Pax World Balanced, and Amana Income (AMANX).

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