Course 109: Important Fund Documents, Part 2
Portfolio Holdings
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Letter from the President
3 Letter from the Portfolio Manager
4 Recent Fund Performance
5 Portfolio Holdings
6 Footnotes
7 Financial Statements
8 What To Do Next

Funds often list the portfolio's largest holdings and provide some information about what these companies do or why the manager owns them. Some reports will also indicate, via a pie chart or table, the sectors in which the fund is heavily invested.

This general overview is complemented by a complete list of the fund's portfolio holdings including stocks, bonds, and cash as of the date of the report. These holdings are usually segmented by industry. (Foreign funds may segment by country.) While you might not recognize all the names of the stocks in the portfolio, this listing is useful if you're wondering whether the fund is holding many names in one industry or making a few large selected bets.

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