Course 502:
Introduction to Options
In this course
1 Introduction
2 Call and Put Options on Stocks
3 What Is an Option Contract?
4 Understanding Option Pricing
5 Drivers of Option Value
6 Basic Option Strategy--Leaps
7 Another Strategy--Baby Puts
8 The Bottom Line

The large sums of money that can be won or lost over a fairly short period with options make them both intriguing and frightening to many investors. Because of the broad array of esoteric terms and unfamiliar concepts associated with them, options can be a difficult subject for investors to understand. Frankly, we don't think options are for everyone. In fact, many investors have had quite successful investing careers without ever considering them.

Even if you never end up buying or selling an option, it's a large enough part of the equities market to merit being aware of. You will probably be tempted at some point in your investing career to "take the next step" and leverage your ideas. This lesson will teach you the basics so you know what you may be getting into.

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