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There's no cookie-cutter solution for finding the "right" blend of investments in retirement. Different investors will need different mixes. Here are the questions you should ask to determine what your investment blend ought to be. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Should my asset allocation change in retirement?

How do my asset mix and my withdrawal rate relate?

How much cash should I have on hand?

Should I put my cash in a Certificate of Deposit?

What should I be looking for in a money-market fund?

Do I need bonds?

Should I buy bonds or bond funds?

What should I know about government bonds?

I’m an aggressive investor. Do I have to give that up?

I need to alter my asset mix. What's the best way to sell securities that have appreciated a lot?

How do I analyze my portfolio?

Is my portfolio diversified enough?

Should I alter my mix during a bear market?

How can I uncover hidden risks in my investments?

What should I do about my company’s stock?

Can my state take my financial assets away?

What's a fixed annuity?

Should I have bonds in my retirement portfolio?

What does Jack Bogle invest in?

I could use some help with my retirement portfolio allocation. Any ideas?

What about my stock options?

My company’s stock price is depressed. What should I do with my stock options?

How should I rebalance my portfolio?

Show me how you'd go about rebalancing a portfolio.

How can I be a more tax-efficient investor?

Should I invest in inflation-indexed bonds?

Should I invest in exchange-traded funds?

Should I add stocks to my mutual-fund portfolio?

Should I buy a variable annuity?

How can I simplify my investments for my heirs?

Do I need an Investment Policy Statement?

My nest egg has taken a serious hit. How can I salvage my retirement?

How can I bear-proof my portfolio?

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