Our coverage of the recent sell-off includes interviews with experts and our take on how investors should (or shouldn't) react.
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Volatility has returned to the market in a big way in February.

In percentage terms, the swings in the market aren't record-setting, but they come after a period of almost eerie calm. It's hard to pin the swings on any one reason, it does seem that concerns about rising inflation, higher rates, and the desire to take some profits is driving the market.

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Our big picture advice to investors is that if they are within their asset allocation guidelines they can safely sit back and do nothing. This is a good time, though, to make sure your portfolio actually is in line with your desired allocation. If you've let your stocks ride since 2009, you may find your portfolio is much riskier than it should be. If it is, this could be an opportunity to rebalance. 

Below is our coverage of the sell-off including a Premium-Member only look at if opportunities have opened up and interviews with experts including Schwab's Liz Ann Sonders and Vanguard's Joe Brennan.

Your Market Downturn Toolkit
Knocking off these investment jobs will keep you focused on the big picture.

Is Lower for Longer Over?
With bond yields rising, some wonder if the era of ultralow rates is coming to an end--and what that means for stocks. 

PIMCO's Worah: TIPS, Commodities Look Attractive
Stock valuations are reasonable, but with valid inflation fears investors should mind their downside risk, says PIMCO's Mihir Worah.

Finding Value After Energy Sell-Off
The energy sector has been one of the hardest hit in recent days, and Morningstar's David Meats takes a closer look at where investors should look for opportunities. 

Amid Sell-Off, Take Note of Asset Managers
Invesco piques our interest at today's prices.

Rekenthaler: Lessons From Monday's Sell-off
The difficulty of hedging, the risks of option writing, and frozen websites.

Utilities Sell-Off Presents Buying Opportunities
We see some attractive entry points for long-term investors.

Vanguard: Market Just Blowing Off Steam
Vanguard's Joe Brennan says he still sees the economy as healthy and that investors should tune out short-term noise.

Sonders: A Fundamental Shift but Not End of Bull Market
Higher inflation and tighter monetary policy could lead to more volatility, but without the near-term prospect of a recession a bear market is unlikely, says Schwab's Liz Ann Sonders.

5 To-Dos for Retirees as Volatility Returns
Christine Benz shares her top tips for investors in retirement or about to retire wondering what to do amid the sell-off.

How to Keep Cool When the Market Is Not
Steve Wendel, Morningstar's head of behavioral sciences, offers some tips for staying rational amid market volatility.

Has the Sell-Off Created Opportunities?
Premium member exclusive: The market still doesn't look cheap as a whole, but we still see a few emerging pockets of value. 

3 Things to Keep in Mind After Tuesday's Upswing
Stocks rebounded Tuesday amid volatile trading, and we think investors should remain prepared.

Finding Value After Energy Sell-Off
The energy sector has been one of the hardest hit in recent days, and Morningstar's David Meats takes a closer look at where investors should look for opportunities. 

No Sign of Impending Doom in Market
Morningstar's Gregg Warren thinks rising earnings and buybacks will help drive the market even if rates do move higher. 

Review What You Can Control Amid Market Pullback
As inflation concerns rock stock and bond markets, it's a good time to check your asset allocation and ensure you have enough cash on hand. 

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