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Royce Funds | TheRoyceFunds | 01-11-2010
The Case for Active Management offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.
Successful active management entails the will to think independently of sector and industry weightings.

Royce Funds | TheRoyceFunds | 01-11-2010
Royce's Take on the Small-Cap Market Cycle
Royce's most opportunistic funds have performed best, while its most risk-averse funds trailed the Russell 2000.

Royce Funds | TheRoyceFunds | 01-11-2010
Navigating 'The Lost Decade'
The last 10 years was one of the worst decades ever in terms of overall market returns. So what happened?

T. Rowe Price | Brian Rogers | 01-11-2010
10 Lessons from a Tumultuous Year
T. Rowe Price chairman and CIO Brian Rogers discusses what 2009 taught us.

Wasatch | Wasatch | 01-11-2010
The 'Lost Decade' Was Not Lost at Wasatch Funds
Despite a flat market, the Wasatch Funds delivered an 8% average return.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson | 01-10-2010
Rationalizing with Big Red, Ben Bernanke, and Harry Markowitz
Reflections on the economic meltdown, individual investors and economists' culpability from Anderson Griggs.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Amateur Asset Allocator | 01-08-2010
When and How to File a Credit Report Dispute
Here are quick tips on how to fix any errors on your credit report.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | The Pragmatic Capitalist | 01-08-2010
Just How Unusual Is This Rally, and Can It Be Sustained?
This phenomenal bull market just might get even more phenomenal.

Amateur Asset Allocator | AmateurAllocate | 01-07-2010
401k Hardship Withdrawal Rules
Here are a few things to know before dipping into your 401k in times of need.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 01-07-2010
There IS Accounting for Price with Apple and RIM
Price of equity can have an effect on these stocks' attractiveness.

Merk Funds | Axel Merk, President and CIO | 01-07-2010
Treat People Fairly and They Are More Likely to Pay Taxes
The best way to maximize tax revenue for governments may be to earn the trust of their citizens.

QFinance | Anthony Harrington | 01-07-2010
FASB Chairman Hits Out at Critics
Robert Herz addresses the need for transparency at the AICPA National Conference.

Tom Brakke | Tom Brakke | 01-07-2010
The Error Price
Target prices are best understood as marketing tools rather than analytical ones. Looking at the other side of the coin helps provide perspective.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | Knowledge@Wharton | 01-06-2010
The Indian Economy in the Next Decade
It's deja vu with a difference.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | Knowledge@Wharton | 01-06-2010
The Indian Economy in the Next Decade
It's deja vu with a difference.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | Knowledge@Wharton | 01-06-2010
Why Latin America's 'New Resilience' Will Keep Growth in Reach
Bright skies could be ahead for Latin American economies.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 01-05-2010
Thinking of Refinancing Your Home? Read This First
There are many alternatives to consider when making such a decision.

QFinance | Anthony Harrington, | 01-05-2010
Dreams of a Dollar Alternative
With the dollar's recent volatility, a new global reserve currency is in debate.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead, CIO | 01-05-2010
Slow and Steady Still Wins
William Smead of Smead Capital Management says the next decade will favor consistent companies with strong brands and repeat customers.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman; Chief Investment Officer | 01-04-2010
2010: The Year of Economic Recovery
Expect stocks to post another solid gain and bond markets to perform badly in 2010.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 01-04-2010
IRA Early Withdrawal Penalty Exemptions
Circumstances that allow you to withdraw early without the 10% penalty.

American Banking News | American Banking News | 01-04-2010
Would Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall Improve Banking?
The market might be better off left alone.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 01-04-2010
The Top One List for 2010
Whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 01-04-2010
Protection from High Debt
A high debt load might not always threaten solvency.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 01-04-2010
Another Approach to Compensation
Long-term bonus methods are an alternative to the current annual structure.

INSEAD | INSEAD | 01-04-2010
Developing Nations and the Natural Resource Curse
Many countries with large natural resource production tend to be worse off than those without it.

Kellogg School of Management | Research by Yuk-fai Fong and Qihong Liu | 01-04-2010
Membership Has Its Punishments
Loyalty programs actually result in higher prices for consumers.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 01-04-2010
Municipal Maladies
Amid the nationwide budgetary problems, 10 states are in the worst shape.

QFinance | Anthony Harrington | 01-04-2010
Sovereign Debt: Anxiety Levels on the Rise
The huge scale of developed-world debt will weigh on even buoyant economies.

Royce Funds | TheRoyceFunds | 01-04-2010
Chuck Royce Sees Sustained Recovery Ahead
Chuck Royce discusses why he remains optimistic about the long-term prospects for stocks, and why some exposure to non-U.S. companies is increasingly important.

Royce Funds | TheRoyceFunds | 01-04-2010
Is It Time for Quality?
A less volatile economy should focus investors on more stable, higher-quality equities.

Wasatch | Samuel Stewart, Ph.D., CFA | 01-04-2010
Staying Focused on Quality
The need to invest in high-quality firms is more essential than ever.

Patterson Advisors | Dave Patterson, CFP and Erin Preston, CFP | 01-03-2010
What to Expect in the Next Decade
No one can predict which asset classes will outperform, but you can still take steps to prepare now.

Altfest Personal Wealth Management | Qi Lu, Ph.D. | 01-01-2010
Value Investing with Individual Stocks
Altfest's stock initiative has held up amid the recent tough times.

Altfest Personal Wealth Management | Andrew Altfest | 01-01-2010
Are Target Date Funds Your Best Option?
These retirement funds might be beneficial, but there are several caveats, too.

Caldwell & Orkin | Michael B. Orkin, CFA, J. Patrick Fleming, CFA, and William C. Horne | 01-01-2010
An Economy in Transition
As the global economy emerges from the recession, some markets are in better condition than others.

Jensen Fund | Allen Bond, CFA | | 01-01-2010
The Examining of Financial Market Underpinnings
The implications of efficient market hypothesis, behavioral finance, and ROE are detailed.

Kellogg School of Management | Brian Melzer, Asst. Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management | 01-01-2010
The Real Costs of Credit Access
Evidence from the payday lending market

Metropolitan West Asset Management | MetWest | 01-01-2010
Taking a Brief Look at the Market, Economy
The economy is not in the clear yet, and the market recovery might be moving too fast.

Nuveen Mutual Funds | Nuveen | 01-01-2010
Active Portfolio Rebalancing
Stay on track with a disciplined approach.

Oak Value | David R. Carr Jr., Larry D. Coats Jr., and Christy L. Phillips | 01-01-2010
Oak Value Fund's Fourth-Quarter Review
The fund is believed to be in its best position, with value received exceeding prices paid.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | The Pragmatic Capitalist | 01-01-2010
Bullishness Raises Warning Flags
Sentiment hasn't been this positive since just before the '87 crash.

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