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Review, rebalance, and recharge your portfolio with Morningstar insights, tips, picks, and commentary during Portfolio Power days, Jan. 20-21.

Morningstar.com offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Whether you're doing your regular January rebalancing, worrying about rising rates and your fixed-income holdings, seeking to sensibly expand overseas, hoping to find a pocket of opportunity after a strong market rally, or simply checking in on your holdings, Morningstar's Portfolio Power days have something for you.

Hear from Morningstar investing specialists, including director of personal finance Christine Benz, director of equity research Pat Dorsey, Ibbotson Associates president Peng Chen, and several topflight go-anywhere fund managers for tips on allocating, rebalancing, measuring risk, and rooting out value.

Wednesday, Jan. 20: Review and Rebalance (Portfolio Building)
6 Portfolio Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Tips to overcome common investing mistakes.

Navigate an Uncertain Bond Market
Morningstar's Christine Benz offers strategies and picks to make the most of a less-than-thrilling bond outlook.

Should You Increase Your International Exposure?
Morningstar's Christine Benz on emerging markets' run, determining your allocation overseas, and currency concerns.

Know Your Index
John Rekenthaler and Pat Dorsey look at why performance of small-cap indexes varied so much last year and the importance of knowing what you're buying.

Is Modern Portfolio Theory Obsolete?
Peng Chen, President of Morningstar's Ibbotson Associates, says MPT in general continued to work in 2008, but highlights the limits of standard deviation alone as a measure of risk.

Perspectives: Learning Markets
Tips on Building a Diversified Portfolio Yourself
Tactical vs. passive reallocation.

Perspectives: Nuveen Investmetns
Active Portfolio Rebalancing
A look at periodic, range, and threshold rebalancing.

Thursday, Jan. 21: Recharge (Opportunistic Investing)
Five Go-Anywhere Managers on Today's Opportunities
How those with wider nets are positioning their portfolios today.

The Best ETF Sector Idea for 2010
Morningstar director of ETF analysis Scott Burns sees regional banks as the best bet for 2010.

5-Star Opportunities in Health Care, Consumer Stocks, and Semiconductors
These companies are still undervalued. 

What Dividend Yields Are Telling Us Today
The 2% dividend yield on the S&P 500 shows that stocks are relatively richly valued, says Morningstar's Josh Peters, but you can still make the market work for you.

How to Rebalance When Everything Won
After a year of outstanding stock performance, look at overall valuation levels before tweaking your portfolio.

Perspectives: Northern Trust
Muni Bonds May Benefit from Favorable Long-Term Trends
Shrinking supply, demographics, savings rates, and taxes may provide a positive long-term backdrop for munis.

Perspectives: Invesco Aim
Staying Bullish on Munis in 2010
Investors may be considering whether to take their money and run from municipal bonds. That may be premature.

Perspectives: DWS Investments
Four Must-Know Developments for Municipal Bond Investors
Investors should be very selective about choosing municipal bonds.

Perspectives: American Century Investments
Bond Opportunities Still Exist for Investors Seeking Yield
Despite low interest rates, today's bond market presents a number of choices for income-oriented investors.

Perspectives: U.S. Global Investors
The Case for Commodities in 2010 (and Beyond)
Amid their aggressive growth, emerging markets are showing a greater need for commodities.

Perspectives:  Leuthold Funds
Taking Part in Another Energy Revolution
Key energy sources have changed substantially in the last 500 years, and a new one is under way.

Perspectives: T. Rowe Price
What's Next for Financial Services Companies?
With the right outlook, the financial sector could get back to full speed in a few years.

Perspectives: T. Rowe Price
International Stocks May Be Poised for Gains
While the global economy recovers, there are still areas of investment opportunity.

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