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Recent Commentary

Kellogg School of Management | Irene Klotz; Research by Jeffrey Ng, Tjomme O. Rusticus, Rodrigo S. Verdi | 12-07-2009
Explaining Stock Price Drift
Buy low, sell high seems sage enough investment advice, but it does not explain why stock prices continue to climb if earnings are good-or fall if earnings are bad-months after company earnings announcements.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 12-07-2009
The Roadblock to Retirement You Didn't Plan On -- Part II
A closer look into the issue of parents continuing to provide financial support for their adult children longer than expected.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 12-07-2009
FDIC: Busted Piggy Bank
Recovering macroeconomic indicators haven't allowed our banking system to get out of the woods quite yet.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 12-07-2009
Fuss Making a Fuss About Bonds
Unfortunately, based on his outlook, veteran bond manager Dan Fuss is now making a loud fuss about the dreadful potential for bonds.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 12-07-2009
GM: Stepping on the Gas
Fritz Henderson's Resignation shows the board Is eager to change GM.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 12-07-2009
Top Gold Producer is Top Consumer, Too
Already the world's largest gold producer, China has replaced India as the world's top gold consumer.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-04-2009
How to Be a Skeptical Empiricist in One Easy Lesson
People love stories. They love thought experiments. They love to think they are creative, intelligent, and free-thinking. Don't fall for it. Data doesn't lie, people do.

Bill George | Bill George | 12-04-2009
GM Doesn't Need a New CEO - It Has Whitacre
The last thing the General Motors board needs is a head hunter to find a new CEO. It already has one of the best CEOs in the country: a tough-minded Texan named Ed Whitacre.

Merk Funds | Axel Merk | 12-04-2009
Dollar Implications of Dubai Jitters
The credit crisis is not last year's nightmare - it has merely entered a new phase.

Merk Funds | Axel Merk | 12-04-2009
European Central Bank - The Reluctant Hawk?
The ECB is taking steps that will place it light years ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve when it comes to an unwinding of the extra-ordinary support programs.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 12-04-2009
BRICs Need the R
Does Russia belong among the leading emerging nations of the world?

American Banking News | Mitch Jaworski | 12-03-2009
FDIC Study Shows One In Four U.S. Households Are Not Using Banks

American Banking News | 12-03-2009
Two CEO Candidates Suggest Breaking Up Bank of America

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 12-03-2009
More on Goldman and AIG

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 12-03-2009
Data on the Debt

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 12-03-2009
Is It 1999 All Over Again?

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 12-03-2009
Feudal Lords Of Finance
Will the presence of a "new aristocracy" (e.g. very rich bankers) finance growth and spur innovation?

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 12-03-2009
Dubai's Shot to the Moon
Like putting men on the moon, Dubai's projects were destined to have a negative return on capital.

INSEAD | Grace Segran | 12-03-2009
What Should Investors be Demanding from Companies?
Environment ministers and officials will soon be negotiating a deal on climate change in Copenhagen. If successful, the agreement - also known as the Global Deal - will lock the world into emissions reductions at around 80 per cent.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 12-03-2009
It's Best to Remain Cautious
There is still plenty to worry about. Now is not the time to relax and return to the ways of the past.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 12-03-2009
The Roadblock to Retirement You Didn't Plan On
In many cases clients are spending significant sums to help their kids make ends meet. At the same time they are seriously jeopardizing their own retirement.

QFinance | Anthony Harrington | 12-03-2009
Dark Pools�A Dark Matter Needing Light?
Many broker-dealers dispose of institutional investors' unwanted shares via specialist trading platforms which both split the stock into manageable lot sizes and conceal both the seller and the volume of the total order from the general market�hence the rubric, "dark pools."

QFinance | Anthony Harrington | 12-03-2009
Straight Through Processing (STP)�The New "Must Have" for DC Pension Schemes
Ordinary people would be moderately amazed to discover just how many times human hands and brains have to get involved in the chain of events involved in fulfilling a defined contribution pension plan's investment strategy, and reporting the results of that fulfillment back to the trustees and, ultimately, back to the members.

QFinance | Ian Frasier | 12-03-2009
Asia's Unprecedented Opportunity
Asia's ability to play the critical role of pulling the global economy out of recession and towards a more sustainable future hinges on it mending at least some of its ways.

QFinance | Anthony Harrington | 12-03-2009
Manufacturing Gets Acquisitive�At Last!
The third quarter of 2009 saw the industrial manufacturing sector experiencing an increased level of merger and acquisitions activity.

QFinance | Ian Frasier | 12-03-2009
No-One Can Afford "Too Big to Fail" Banks
Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, believes it is impossible to construct a credible regulatory system while dinosaurs that are "too big to fail" are still allowed roam the financial jungle.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 12-03-2009
JP Morgan Says to Stay in the Risk Trade

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 12-03-2009
The Bank Profit Mirage
Bank earnings are still in dire capital positions many hurdles lay ahead.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 12-03-2009
Transportation of the Future
Warren Buffett isn't the only one who sees trains as the transportation of the future.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-02-2009
When An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Isn't Financial Suicide
The much-maligned adjustable rate mortgage does have a place in post-crash society.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-02-2009
How to Build Defensible Passive Income Streams

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-02-2009
Understanding the Car Donation Tax Deduction
A 2005 tax law change makes this deduction far less appealing.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Wells Fargo Chief Economist Predicts More Trouble for Housing Market
Wells Fargo's chief economist, John Silvia, predicts that the housing market in the United States will likely weaken in the months to come.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Citigroup's Valuation Conundrum: Overprice or a Value Stock?
Citigroup's stock is either one of the cheapest of the large financials around or perhaps the most expensive depending on what measure you make use of.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Goldman Predicts 36% Growth in Asian Markets during 2010
Goldman Sachs said that Asian stocks may offer returns as high as 36% in terms of the US dollar next year, being helped by emerging markets and earnings growth.

American Banking News | Mitch Jaworski | 12-02-2009
AIG Cuts Debt By $25 Billion In Deal With New York Fed Bank
American International Group closed two deals with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that will reduce the debt it owes the bank by $25 billion.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Obama Administration Putting Pressure on Banks to Increase Home Modifications
The Obama administration is placing pressure on JP Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo as part of an attempt to bring the government's $75 billion Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) back on track.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Wells Fargo to Combine Brands with Wachovia in California, 122 Branches to Close
Wells Fargo will be combining its Wachovia and Wells Fargo brands in the state of California early next year, with 122 Wachovia branches planned to close.

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Wells Fargo's Mortgage Refinance Rates Hit New All Time Low

American Banking News | 12-02-2009
Pay Czar Slashes Salaries of Two Key Executives at Bank of America

Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy | Antonio Fat�s | 12-02-2009
The "Investmentless" Recovery

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 12-02-2009
The Preferred Treatment
Assuming sound company financials, purchasing preferred shares where large cumulative dividends are owed can offer great upside.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 12-02-2009
Big Baths All Around Us
It is usually in economic times like these, where earnings are generally poor, that managements will incur asset write-downs and/or restructuring charges, known as "big baths."

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 12-02-2009
Does Dubai Matter? Ask Ireland

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 12-02-2009
Never a Good Sign
The board of GM wants a world-class CEO. The problem - the phrase "world-class CEO" is always a dead giveaway for delusion.

Bill George | Bill George | 12-02-2009
After the Crisis: Restoring Trust in U.S. Leaders
The path to restoring the public's confidence and trust in business leaders is clear: leaders committed to sustainable growth over short-term gains who serve society by creating long-term value.

INSEAD | 12-02-2009
The Outlook for China
China is poised to return to high single-digit growth in 2011, says Fan Gang, director of China's National Institute of Economic Research and a member of the central bank's monetary policy committee.

INSEAD | Kevin Tan | 12-02-2009
'Incredible Consensus' for Regulatory Reforms Among G20, but Political Will Weakening
The political will of the international community to implement regulatory reforms is weakening, as global economies and financial markets have recovered faster than expected.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 12-02-2009
More Eggs in Basket May Crack Portfolio
Not putting all your eggs in one basket makes intuitive sense to many investors, however putting more eggs in your basket may actually crack your portfolio, not protect it.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 12-02-2009
Sukuk: Islamic Loophole for Dubai Debt Debacle
Critical to fueling the speculative expansion in some oil rich areas has been the growth in sukuk bonds, which have been created as function of loophole exploitation in Islamic finance principles.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 12-02-2009
Vision Makes a Difference
Understanding these two conflicting visions could tell us where we could be going over the coming years in the markets.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 12-02-2009
Workplace Challenges: Managing Layoffs, and Motivating Those Left Behind
The current downturn has left many companies scrambling to manage workplace issues -- ranging from how to avoid a brain drain to how they can provide better value to customers and clients. Employees, for their part, face the challenges that arise from working in a leaner organization that demands increased productivity with fewer resources.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 12-02-2009
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Real Time
The National Debt Clock paints a (ever worsening) bleak picture.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 12-02-2009
Land Rush in China
China's real estate sector has been lively in 2009, raising worries that a bubble may be developing.

American Beacon | 12-01-2009
The Inflation Question
The present state of inflation, interest rates and the greenback.

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