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Mutual fund managers' quarterly letters, market commentaries, forecasts, and other reports are full of interesting tidbits and, if one looks carefully, investment ideas. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Many portfolio managers, research chiefs, and advisors take the time to express their opinions about the markets, individual stocks, or other items on their minds. Some fund shops publish more frequently--on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

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Recent Commentary
Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 12-31-2009
Lessons Learned from the 1990s
Government officials are facing familiar economic issues--this time on their own turf.

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 12-31-2009
Lessons Learned from the 1990s
Government officials are facing familiar economic issues--this time on their own turf.

Diamond Hill | Christopher A. Welch, CFA | 12-31-2009
Managing Risk and What We Learned from the Crisis
Opportunities can surface during the most volatile times.

Nuveen Mutual Funds | Nuveen Investments | 12-31-2009
Muni Bonds: What to Expect in 2010
Nuveen Investments on what powered the 2009 rally and potential 2010 developments.

Turner Investment Partners | Turner Investment Partners | 12-31-2009
Stock Market Finishes Strong in 2009
Momentum created during 2009 should drive the market forward for the next few years.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-30-2009
Small Business Financing For Beginners
When you decide to start a small business or need small business financing to help expand your existing business, there are a number of ways to go.

American Banking News | Debbie Dragon | 12-30-2009
Will Congressional Bailouts Stop Sinking the Ship?
Now that several months have passed since the bailouts, did they work?

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-29-2009
Interest Only Mortgage Pros and Cons
What they are, when they make sense, and when to stay away.

INSEAD | Paul R. Kleindorfer | 12-29-2009
Coping with Copenhagen
How well-prepared companies are to digest political and economic uncertainties in the climate change area will be central to profitability.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-28-2009
Even Very Young Investors Should Own Bonds
Why you need bonds even if you're 20.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 12-28-2009
The Premium on Shareholder Friendly
In theory, there is no value created or destroyed as a firm issues a dividend. In practice, however, companies that pay dividends enjoy higher valuations.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Partner and Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 12-28-2009
Budget Blues
Little in Washington points to a fulfillment of the market's needs as 2009 draws to a close, but there is reason to believe the administration and Congress will respond as 2010 progresses.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | TPC | 12-28-2009
The 5 Biggest Risks of 2010
Although the crisis appears long behind us, it's important to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

US Global | Frank Holmes | 12-28-2009
Gold is the Decade's Best
The decade that ends Thursday is on track to be the worst in recorded history for the U.S. stock market.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade Slome, CFA, CFP | 12-23-2009
Can the Lost Decade Strike Twice?
Wade Slome, President and Founder of Sidoxia Capital Management, sees a brighter decade ahead for U.S. equities.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead, CIO | 12-22-2009
Watershed Events
We may be entering a new phase that will see the most out of favor sectors produce the best performance over the next ten years.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, Chief Investment Officer | 12-21-2009
Looking Backward to Look Forward
The economic environment is vastly improved at the end of 2009 compared to the chaos that reigned a year ago.

Royce Funds | Steven G. McBoyle, Portfolio Manager | 12-21-2009
The Art and Science of Small- and Mid-Cap Investing
Royce Funds discusses their SMid-Cap portfolio strategies and where they see opportunities.

US Global | Brian Hicks and Evan Smith | 12-21-2009
Holiday Season Good for Oil Stocks
We are approaching the start of a seasonal climb in the price of crude oil that could present a good investment opportunity in energy-related stocks.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 12-20-2009
Finding the Best Life Insurance for Your Needs
Consider your age, health, and short- and long-term goals.

Barel Karsan | 12-17-2009
The Hidden Costs of the Bailouts
The bailouts of the U.S. financial and auto sectors set a dangerous precedent for international trade.

E*TRADE/Kobren Insight Management | Chris Keith, Director of Fixed Income, E*TRADE; VP and FI Portfolio Manager, Kobren | 12-17-2009
Fixed-Income Market Commentary: Smooth Sailing Interrupted
Markets do not respond well to the unknown, and right now we do not know if Dubai's debt struggle is an isolated incident.

E*TRADE/Kobren Insight Management | Rusty Vanneman, CFA, Director of Research, E*TRADE; CIO, Kobren | 12-17-2009
The Biggest Mistake Investors Make
Fixed income and gold are the latest performance chaser traps.

Royce Funds | 12-17-2009
Finding Value in Foreign Small-Cap Stocks
Royce's David Nadel on applying a value approach to non-U.S. small caps.

Turner Investment Partners | Bill McVail, Senior Portfolio Manager; Halie O'Shea, Portfolio Manager; Jason Schrotberger, Portfolio Manager; and Eric Turner, Analyst | 12-17-2009
Harley, Honda, and Sony: the Leaner, Meaner Machines
The brand power of Harley-Davidson, Honda Motor, and Sony will once again likely pay off, especially as the global economy picks up steam and consumers' discretionary spending becomes less restrained.

INSEAD | 12-16-2009
Breaking the Bank: Finding Value amid the Debris
INSEAD Professor of Banking and Finance Jean Dermine stresses looking toward long-term value rather than short-term cash flow.

Matthews Asia Funds | J. Michael Oh, Portfolio Manager | 12-16-2009
Technology: Powering Asia's Growth
Despite the significant growth we have already seen in Asia's technology sector in the past decade, we believe its best days are still ahead.

Merk Funds | Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer | 12-16-2009
Fed Tightening? Give Us a Break!
There is no intent on tightening anytime soon despite recent signs of an economic pickup.

Savant Capital Management | SavantCapital | 12-16-2009
Minimize Your Taxes With These Charitable Giving Ideas
Proper planning can create significant tax benefits.

Schreiner Capital Management | Roger J. Schreiner, CEO | 12-16-2009
Diversification is Not Enough
Traditional methods of diversification fall short on risk management.
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