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Recent Commentary
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 11-30-2009
It's a Weak Recovery, Or Is It?
This widespread pessimism seems to reflect the high level of unemployment, but overlooks the turn in the data.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-30-2009
Reckless Myopia
The eagerness of investors to chase prevailing trends, and their unwillingness to concern themselves with predictable longer-term risks, drove a successive series of speculative advances and crashes during the past decade. And here we are again.

INSEAD | Robert Gogel, Ludo Van der Heyde | 11-30-2009
Personal View: Welcome, 'Stateholder'
The recent spate of government intervention heralds the arrival of a new type of stakeholder with the means to reform corporate governance and to bring it up to a new standard.

INSEAD | Grace Segran | 11-30-2009
The Internet Entrepreneur: 'Made, Not Born'
Internet entrepreneurs are made, not born, because they work out of necessity. They see opportunities by looking at what's happening offline and see what can be brought online.

INSEAD | Shellie Karabell | 11-30-2009
Innovation: the Key to Future Growth
Which is more innovative? The global conglomerate with revenue of $363 billion or the entrepreneur whose ground-breaking software sold to Google for more than $3 billion? Answer: it's a tie.

Royce Funds | Frank Gannon | 11-30-2009
The Gannon Report: Keep Active!
The sheer size of the small-cap universe, its relative lack of institutional focus, and limited research availability make this area ideally suited for active management.

Tocqueville Fund | John Hathaway | 11-30-2009
A Contrarian's Dilemma
Has gold's popularity created a bubble, or is there still worthwhile upside?

INSEAD | Karen Cho | 11-26-2009
Powering the Google Engine: Innovation is Key
The spirit of innovation (and enterprise) is alive and well at Google Inc.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-24-2009
Adjusting Financial Statements
Certain stakeholders of financial statements can exert pressure or political influence that results in accounting rules that distort the true economic picture of a business.

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 11-24-2009
Morgan Stanley: Speaks Against Relying on Capital Requirements
Just when momentum was starting to build for increased capital requirements as the core element of an approach that will reign in reckless risk-taking, Morgan Stanley effectively demolishes the idea.

INSEAD | Kevin Tan | 11-24-2009
Private Equity in Asia: Stepping Back from the Brink
Private equity in Asia saw deal flows grind to a virtual halt between the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of this year in the wake of the global financial crisis.

INSEAD | Shellie Karabell | 11-24-2009
A Tale of Two Banks: Hallmarks of the Changing Financial Landscape
It would be difficult to find two financial institutions more indicative of the plus and minus sides of the financial tsunami that hit the world of banking this year.

Research Affiliates | Robert Arnott, John West, CFA | 11-24-2009
The "3-D" Hurricane Force Headwind
Rob Artnott and John West examine three critical long-horizon issues and find a disturbing structural headwind that will impede the real returns we can expect from financial assets in the years ahead.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-24-2009
Equities Up, But Investors Queasy
Time will tell if a dose of bond selling and a prescription for "cash-into-stocks" will make the queasy patient feel better.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 11-24-2009
Quite a Contrast
William Smead contrasts the bearish sentiment of many institutional investors toward U.S. equities to the advice and actions of investing great, Warren Buffett.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-24-2009
Thoughts on This Morning's Data
A mountain of data out this morning, with investors once again more focused on the dollar and the potential liquidity implications.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-24-2009
Tentatively and Sporadically, Real Estate Investing Makes a Comeback
Real estate is showing some early signs of a revival as an attractive investment destination compared to other opportunities like corporate debt, but the equity and debt markets have to open their wallets with more confidence to resume a normal flow of deals.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-24-2009
M&A is Back -- But This Time, It's Different
If the past month is any indicator, acquisitions are not only thawing but heating up.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 11-23-2009
Too Big to Fail vs. Too Political to Regulate
If we fail to understand exactly how the crisis was allowed to occur, we risk implementing the wrong solutions that could weaken or undermine our financial institutions.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 11-23-2009
Bad Credit Mortgages Are a Rip-Off
Not only are they a rip-off, they were also a prime contributor to one of the deepest recessions of the past 100 years.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 11-23-2009
Buying a Municipal Bond Mutual Fund
Tax-free municipal bonds, once almost exclusively the domain of the rich, have gotten a lot more attention from the middle class lately.

Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy | Antonio Fat�s | 11-23-2009
Inflation or Deflation?
After a period where they were pointing in the direction of deflation, indicators now suggest inflation for the relative near future.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-23-2009
Government Debt Hysteria

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-23-2009
Blaming It on Obama
Blaming the entirety of our increasing debt problems on "the Obama administration's planned budgets" is deeply misleading, and also leads to the wrong conclusion: cut spending.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 11-23-2009
Cautious Tone Leaves Market Mixed, but Trend Remains Our Friend
The major market indices finished last week mixed, reflecting uneven economic data and growing skepticism surrounding the sustainability of the economic recovery.

du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 11-23-2009
Perception vs. Reality
Those who proclaim these trading rallies as the "real deal" are premature in their conclusion.

E*TRADE/Kobren Insight Management | Chris Keith | 11-23-2009
Economic Turning Point: A Positive Sign
Probable tax increases are one of several reasons for the municipal bond asset class to continue its popularity among upper income earners and those wishing to shelter income from taxation.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-23-2009
Alert for Tanks
The past decade has been largely the experience of watching tanks rolling over a hilltop to attack the villagers celebrating below. Repeatedly, one could observe these huge objects rolling over the horizon, with an ominous knowledge that things would not work out well.

Hussman Funds | William Hester, CFA | 11-23-2009
Three Observations on Third Quarter Earnings
Hussman Funds' William Hester says some amount of investor selectivity or "discretion" is returning to the stock market, higher quality companies may be staging a comeback, and the earnings surprise beat rate may be useful, but not in a way that you might expect.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-23-2009
Standing Before a Second Wave of Mortgage Reset
The inevitability of profound credit losses is unnervingly similar to the inevitability of profound losses following the dot-com bubble.

INSEAD | 11-23-2009
The Outlook for India
India's economy could return to growing by eight per cent in the medium term, thanks in part to the "pretty good" financial health of the domestic corporate sector and the country's strong savings, says Rakesh Mohan, former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 11-23-2009
Where the Wild Things Are
John Mauldin looks at one of the unintended consequences of the Federal Reserve's low interest rate policy.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 11-23-2009
Holiday Cheer�Beware of the Hangover
This November holiday does indeed bring much for which to be thankful, especially compared with last year. It also brings a good deal about which to worry.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-23-2009
Getting Over the Financial Advisor Hurdles
Common hurdles investors face in seeking professional help and how to rise above them.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-23-2009
Meredith Whitney's Cloudy Crystal Ball
Meredith Whitney may be a bright banking analyst and perhaps she'll ultimately be proven right regarding the downward banking stock price trajectories, but like all bold forecasters she must live by the crystal ball, and die by the crystal ball.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-23-2009
The Weak Dollar Favors Companies with High Foreign Exposure
Companies with a significant overseas exposure will likely benefit from currency appreciation against the dollar making sales in those currencies especially valuable.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-23-2009
A Preview of the Future U.S.? A Debt Burdened Nation...
We are potentially creating a debt problem that could persist for far longer than anyone ever assumed.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-23-2009
Insider Selling Soars Higher as Executives Sell into the Rally

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-23-2009
More Intravenous Injections

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-23-2009
Demand for Gold Rising in China
Total gold demand in China is nearly double the amount from just four years ago.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-20-2009
Investor Traps
Six traps investors should mind and avoid.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-20-2009
Father of Growth Investing - Thomas Rowe Price
Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., known as the "Father of Growth Investing," is of a rare breed of successful long-term growth managers.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-20-2009
Positive Sentiment Could Be a Contrarian Indicator
After reaching 8 month lows just a few weeks ago sentiment is swinging wildly in the opposite direction.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-20-2009
A Bubble in China
Stimulus lending fuels a real estate bubble in China

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-20-2009
Gold on Your Gift List?
While the Indian government buys its gold in the hundred of tons, a growing number of people around the world are buying by the ounce.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 11-19-2009
Eliminating Credit Card Debt
If you can't reasonably expect to earn a higher return on your money elsewhere, you should use excess cash to pay down your debt.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-19-2009
CRA Bashing, Nth Generation
It seems like today's problem is no longer redlining - plenty of lenders were willing to lend to the poor - it's predatory lending - for various reasons it was easier to steer the poor into unnecessarily high-cost loans.

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 11-19-2009
Written Testimony Submitted to the Congressional Oversight Panel

Baseline Scenario | Raj Datre | 11-19-2009
Auto Race to the Bottom
Exempting auto dealers from the Congress' proposed consumer protection agency (CFPA) would be a big step in exactly the wrong direction.

QFinance | 11-19-2009
Applying the Gordon Growth Model
Gordon's growth model aims to value a stock or company in today's terms, using discounted cash flows to take into account the present value of future dividends.

QFinance | Steven Haasz | 11-19-2009
The Origins and Current State of the Buyout Market for Pension Funds
The pressure of the recession will focus the minds of company boards yet more firmly on the challenges presented by the pensions debt on their books, and the ongoing, long-term drain on their resources that this debt represents.

QFinance | 11-19-2009
Sovereign Wealth Funds - Profiles of the Top Ten Players
Though Sovereign Wealth Funds have been around in various forms for decades, the leading players have risen to a new level of prominence over recent years.

QFinance | Marc Quintyn | 11-19-2009
Rules vs. Discretion in Supervisory Interventions in Financial Institutions
One of the most critical moments in financial-sector supervision is when supervisors need to decide if they should "intervene" in a "problem bank."

QFinance | Dean Karlan, Sendhil Mullainathan | 11-19-2009
Rigidity in Microfinancing: Can One Size Fit All?
Despite rapid growth in outreach, microfinance providers often have yet to reach a large proportion of the market of poor households.

QFinance | 11-19-2009
Identifying and Investing in Niche (Alternative) Investments: Art, Wine, and Coins
Those with an interest in collecting works of art, wine, or coins may find that their investments, apart from giving pleasure, may yield higher profits than the stock market.

QFinance | James E. Schrager | 11-19-2009
Mergers Beyond the Numbers: How CFOs Can Shine
Today, more than ever, the CEO needs someone to talk with who possesses powerful, detailed insights about the business and is able to help think through, and maybe push back a bit on, various strategy options.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-19-2009
Secure Your GPS (Global Portfolio Specialist)
Unfortunately, there is no GPS device to guide our investments, but many individuals would do themselves a favor by finding the right experienced professional to act as a GPS device (Global Portfolio Specialist).

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 11-18-2009
The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Should be Repealed
Why this tax deduction isn't actually saving you money.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 11-18-2009
Be Wary of Overconfidence
Too much confidence can cause us to take excessive risks and ultimately lead to poor long-term returns from our portfolios.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-18-2009
You Might Think You're Copying Buffett...

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-18-2009
Slow Cat, Fast Mouse
The bigger and more complex a bank, the harder it will be for regulators to adequately monitor what is going on, and this is one reason that banks make themselves big and complex.

Baseline Scenario | Arvind Subramanian | 11-18-2009
Time for Coordinated Capital Account Controls?
In these unusual times no policy option should be off limits, at least for discussion.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 11-18-2009
Our Steroidally Challenged Economy
Like a shot in the arm, the artificial economic stimulus is exaggerating true performance and, worse, masking the damage.

Invesco Aim Investments | Samantha Ho | 11-18-2009
Bump in the Road to Recovery?
China's growth rolls on despite economic traffic jam.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-18-2009
Darkest Before Dawn � Gaming Industry Waiting for Sunrise
Times are dark in the video game industry, but dawn will be here soon enough and Electronic Arts is positioned to benefit when the time comes.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-18-2009
Housing's Seasonal Weakness Taking Hold

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-18-2009
What are the Best Hedge Funds Buying?
Note the similarities between their largest holdings.

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 11-17-2009
Banking in a State
Banks have an incentive to take excessive risk and every time they and their creditors are bailed out, we create the conditions for the next crisis.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-17-2009
The Biggest Money Mistake You Can Make
Make a serious effort to ensure sure your money is managed effectively.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-17-2009
Standing on the Shoulders of a Growth Giant: Phil Fisher

Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 11-17-2009
Dreamer-Nothing But a Dreamer
CIO William Smead discussed the reasons why he's happy to own quality U.S. large cap stocks in today's market.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | TPC | 11-17-2009
Freshest Data Shows the Recovery is Nowhere Near V-Shaped
Without government stimulus, it's difficult to imagine that the economy would in fact be recovering at all.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-17-2009
The Expectation Ratio Remains Constructive Despite Recent Decline
It's now quite clear that the rally is living on the liquidity based fuel from the Fed and the declining dollar.

Tom Brakke | 11-17-2009
Situational Awareness
Two staples of the investment game, relative performance and relative valuation, play a large part in the periodic bouts of disorientation that imperil the industry and the profession.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-17-2009
Gold ETFs - Big Surprise at Tax Time
Many investors in precious-metals ETFs have to deal with an unwelcome surprise come April 15.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 11-16-2009
Debunking Policy and Economic Myths
Dr. Charles Lieberman rebuts today's bearish Devil's Advocate.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 11-16-2009
2010 Roth IRA Conversion Loophole
If you have a Traditional IRA, non-deductible IRA, or any other kind of IRA you will be free to convert to a Roth in just a few months.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-16-2009
The Right P/E for the S&P 500
Are we now in an overvalued market?

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-16-2009
Economics Puzzler of the Day: Tax Loss Carry-Backs
What's the plausible economic justification for this tax break?

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-16-2009
One Cost of Too Big to Fail
An analysis from the Center for Economic Policy estimates the value of being "too big to fail."

Baseline Scenario | Joseph E. Gagnon | 11-16-2009
Who's Afraid of a Falling Dollar?
Even if the dollar depreciates sharply in the near term, adverse effects are unlikely - primarily because inflation will stay low.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 11-16-2009
Macro Drivers in Place for Additional Upside
The major market indices finished higher for a second consecutive week reflecting the pending turn in corporate profitability and building confidence in the durability of the economic recovery.

Dana Investment Advisors | 11-16-2009
A culmination of factors is driving the price of gold higher.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-16-2009
"Should Come as No Shock to Anyone"
John Hussman says that deeper loan losses are ahead, and if we deal with the next round the same way that we dealt with the last, we will ultimately succeed in debasing the U.S. dollar.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 11-16-2009
Dollar Dilemma
Circumstances surrounding the greenback are precarious enough to consider currency diversification in any investment strategy.

Matthews Asia Funds | Andrew Foster, Portfolio Manager | 11-16-2009
A Roadmap for Asia
Manager Andrew Foster provides a guide to some of the key trends that are shaping Asian markets for long-term investing in the region.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-16-2009
Be Hesitant With Titling Joint Tenants
Be aware of the disadvantages of joint tenancy (with right of survivorship) in your estate planning.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-16-2009
Five Reasons China is Not a Bubble
U.S. Global Investors' Romeo Dator believes China's prospects remain strong for at least the next 20 years.

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