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Mutual fund managers' quarterly letters, market commentaries, forecasts, and other reports are full of interesting tidbits and, if one looks carefully, investment ideas. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Many portfolio managers, research chiefs, and advisors take the time to express their opinions about the markets, individual stocks, or other items on their minds. Some fund shops publish more frequently--on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

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Recent Commentary 
John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 11-15-2009
If This is Recovery...
Government spending does not increase GDP over time. It is a temporary nonproductive stimulus. It takes private investment to create jobs and increase productivity.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 11-13-2009
The Inquisition
Over the next few years, whether a full economic recovery takes place or we fall into a second recession, the forces at work will favor the large and powerful companies.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-13-2009
The ETF Advantage
ETFs may be a cheaper alternative to your index mutual funds.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-13-2009
Note to Jamie Dimon: Repeating Something Doesn't Make It True
Jamie Dimon asserts that we shouldn't "try to impose artificial limits on the size of U.S. financial institutions."

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-13-2009
The Real Choice on Too Big to Fail
There are really only two choices.

Baseline Scenario | Andrew Biggs | 11-13-2009
How Well Prepared Are Americans for Retirement?
When we think about a "crisis" in retirement saving, hasty solutions might make things worse rather than better.

Cambiar investors | Brian M. Barish, President | 11-13-2009
The Economy's Great Recession Hangover
The road forward for energy and other sectors will be bumpy in 2010, as the hangover from the Great Recession will prove most unpleasant to work off, however much of this is well reflected in current market levels.

MFS Funds | James Swanson, Chief Investment Strategist | 11-13-2009
Universal Truths or ...
MFS' Swanson separates truth from conjecture about the current state of the economy.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-13-2009
Back to the Future: Mag Covers (Part III)
Wade Slome looks back at the headlines of the "Great Recession" of 2008 and 2009.

Turner Investment Partners | 11-13-2009
Light-Emitting Diodes: The Great Light Hope
Turner sees LEDs evolving into one of the most rapidly growing global businesses in the technology sector.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-13-2009
A Warning Shot for Washington
Worries about the unintended consequences of Washington's policies have been growing.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-12-2009
Low Savings, Bad Investments
Recent volatility in the stock market has led some to question the wisdom of relying on 401(k) and other defined-contribution plans for our nation's retirement security.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-12-2009
Back to the Future: Mag Covers (Part II)
Magazines act as sentiment sensors to gauge the fear and froth pulses of the general investing public.

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
Do Emerging-Market Funds Belong in Your Portfolio?
The U.S.-centric investing strategy of the past few decades is no longer tenable.

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
Here's How to Fix the Flexible Savings Account
A look at the benefits and flaws of this employee benefit.

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
What's the Average Credit Card Debt in America?
The stereotypical image of the American consumer portrayed by the media is that of a family with a jumbo mortgage and drowning in consumer debt. But is that the reality?

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
Forex Futures: The Quickest Way To Bankruptcy Court
The small independent trader hasn't a prayer against the big guys.

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
The Types of Mutual Funds

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
Should I Refinance My Mortgage?
The answer to this question depends on an array of factors.

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
40 Year Mortgage is Usually a Bad Idea

Amateur Asset Allocator | 11-11-2009
Beware "No Cost Refinance" Loans
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-11-2009
Housing Completions
While the current low levels of construction are taking a big bite out of GDP, this is necessary in order for existing inventories to be absorbed.

Baseline Scenario | Simon Johnson | 11-11-2009
Global Bubbles: The Geithner-Brown Split
There are two broad views on our newly resurgent global bubbles - the run-ups in stock market values and real estate prices are either benign or the beginnings of a major new malignancy.

Baseline Scenario | James Kwak | 11-11-2009
Productivity and Layoffs
In the long term, productivity growth relies on things like improvements in technology and business processes; in the short term it's often just noise.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-11-2009
Four Common Estate Planning Mistakes
With some awareness and a little effort you can avoid these basic mistakes.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-11-2009
Back to the Future: Mag Covers (Part I)
Wade Slome shines a light on the uncanny ability of media outlets to mark turning points in the financial markets - both market bottoms and tops.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-11-2009
Why Insider Trading is Hard to Define, Prove and Prevent
Regulations on insider trading have gradually tightened over the years in the U.S. and many other countries, but some economists argue for a complete course reversal, making insider trading legal.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-11-2009
Efficient Markets or Herd Mentality? The Future of Economic Forecasting
Ever wonder why you bought securities that you know were overvalued when the herd instinct was just too strong to resist?

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-10-2009
Earnings Revert to the Mean
Average earnings are a much more useful gauge of a company's earnings power than current or oft-cited expected future earnings.

Bill George | Bill George | 11-10-2009
The 10,226.94-Point Dow Doesn't Matter Either
Make no mistake � it's not 1983. Don't uncork the champagne just yet.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-10-2009
One Size Does Not Fit All
It's important to construct the most efficient customized portfolio of assets that meets your objectives and constraints.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead, Chief Investment Officer | 11-10-2009
Insider Buying

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 11-09-2009
Buffett's Message
Buffet is making an all-in wager on the economic future of the U.S.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-09-2009
As the company eventually aligns its costs with a lower revenue environment, it should be able to generate returns commensurate with its historical average.

Caldwell & Orkin | 11-09-2009
Threading Needles in the Dark
Given the current economic environment, the Fed will be conducting much of their policy by trial and error.

Calvert Group | Richard England, Portfolio Manager | 11-09-2009
Quality Stocks Poised for Growth as Recovery Takes Shape
Calvert Portfolio Manager and Atlanta Capital Managing Director Richard England discusses his views on the economy and shares his market outlook.

Calvert Group | Cathy Roy, Fixed Income CIO | 11-09-2009
Bond-Market Trends of 2009 Continued in October
Corporate bond investors tempered their optimism somewhat during the month.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 11-09-2009
Bull Rally Resumes
Encouraging economic data and the 5%-plus pullback over the preceding two weeks apparently was the right recipe for drawing "fresh" money back into the market.

du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 11-09-2009
The Morality of Wall Street
How long can the markets survive squeezing out those who play fairly while rewarding the unscrupulous?

Hussman Funds | William Hester, CFA | 11-09-2009
Forward Looking Measures Still Don't Provide Evidence for a V-Shaped Recovery
A robust recovery in profits will likely rely on a robust economic recovery. Currently, leading indicators of the real economy aren't consistent with that outcome.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-09-2009
The Second Wave of Mortgage Resets Begins
The pleasant lull in the reset schedule is decidedly behind us.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 11-09-2009
Emerging Economies�Leading by Example
Not only have they resumed their place as leading engines of global growth but also, these nations have followed much more prudent monetary and fiscal policies than the U.S., Japan, and most other developed nations.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-09-2009
Early Retirees May be Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The issue early retirees face, in many cases, is not that they don't have enough money for retirement (though that is also often an issue); it's having liquidity.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-09-2009
Ross Warns of Commercial Shoe Drop
Wibur Ross, the restructuring specialist and founder of WL Ross & Co, sees a correlation of what happened in the residential mortgage markets to what we are now beginning to see in commercial real estate.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-09-2009
Why Improving Global Health Care is Everyone's Responsibility
In a world where advances in technology and ease of travel are continually eroding national boundaries, global health problems can rise up swiftly, threatening the lives and prosperity of vast populations.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-09-2009
The Post-Recessionary Global Economy: In Search of the New Normal
As the global economy climbs slowly toward recovery, two pressing questions remain: How do we prevent things from getting out of control again, and what is the so-called new normal?

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-09-2009
India-IMF Deal: Tipping Point for Gold
Has a new floor been set at $1,000 per ounce?

John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 11-08-2009
A Hole Dug Too Deep
There is not a "V" ending to this recession. We are going to have deal with the pain of reduced returns, a lower dollar, low returns on bonds, European-like unemployment, lower corporate profits over the long term, and a very slow-growth environment.

Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy | Antonio Fat�s | 11-06-2009
9.5% Productivity Growth. How Unusual?
Fast productivity growth is normally a sign of economic strength, but in this case because it is the result of a combination of GDP growth and destruction in employment.

Aston Asset Management | Baring Asset Management | 11-06-2009
The Weak Economic Recovery Overseas
Massive government stimulus is a double-edged sword.

Calvert Group | Natalie Trunow, Chief Investment Officer, Equities | 11-06-2009
October: Welcome Signs of Economic Recovery Kept in Check by Weak Consumer
Calvert CIO Trunow believes the recent market pullback is a healthy development that reflects economic realities and will provide investors with healthier valuation levels and entry points into equity markets.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 11-06-2009
IMS Health is Being Stolen
IMS Health's management and board have a history of making dumb capital allocation decisions, but this one may go down in history as their dumbest.

E*TRADE/Kobren Insight Management | Rusty Vanneman, CFA | 11-06-2009
Quality is the Key
CIO and Director of Research Vanneman says current valuations point to higher quality segments as the better place for investors.

Harry Domash | Harry Domash | 11-06-2009
Using the Morningstar Premium Stock Screener to Unearth Value Stocks
With the market arguably overextended, this may be a good time to consider value stocks.

MFS Funds | 11-06-2009
MFS Global Perspective
Signs of a global recovery spread in October as world output rose at the fastest rate in five years.

Shenkman Capital Management | 11-06-2009
Bank Loan Market in Recovery Mode as Panic Subsides
The financial markets have come a long way from the massive collateral damage and the major loan write-downs that occurred last year after Lehman Brothers' filing bankruptcy.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-06-2009
Too Big to Sink
Many of the financial institution reform proposals have an irrelevant, misguided focus on improving the safety of the Titanic's lifeboats rather than the structural design or competence of the captain.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-06-2009
Time to Temp?
In a discouraging unemployment report, a rise in temporary positions.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-06-2009
Silver Bullet - Still on the Rails?
Frank Holmes says when asked his view on the best way to play the current runup in gold, his answer to typically includes a suggestion to look at silver.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-06-2009
Planning for a Prosperous Future
Petrobras, Brazil's national oil company, announced a $10 billion loan from China in exchange for up to 200,000 barrels of oil per day for the next 10 years.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-05-2009
Buffett vs. Value Investing
While Buffett likely benefits from having more information, more knowledge and a higher understanding of business than most investors, his major disadvantage is that his investing universe is far more limited.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-05-2009
India-IMF Deal: Great for Gold?
India is making a bullish call on gold.

Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy | Antonio Fat�s | 11-04-2009
Reality Check on Fiscal Policy
There is a need to think about institutional reforms that change the way we think about fiscal policy and budgets.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 11-04-2009
Gen Xers Better Start Saving!
Gen Xers will find it more difficult to retire, at any age, than the baby boomers who preceded them.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-04-2009
Drought in Higher Rates May Be Over
With signs of a potential global recovery matched with regulatory overhauls, consumers may be impacted in several financial areas.

The Pragmatic Capitalist | 11-04-2009
6 Reasons the S&P 500 is Going to 1100
Credit Suisse sees the S&P 500 hitting 1,100 by year-end and 1,150 in 2010 as a result of 6 continuing positive trends.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-04-2009
History Lesson: November Good for Dow
November is the second-best month for the Dow over the past 20 years.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 11-03-2009
Increases in Consumer Spending Do Not Make Us Better Off
Increasing consumer spending causes short-term pick-ups in demand but makes us no better off in the long-run.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-03-2009
Style Drift: Hail Mary Investing
The compensation incentive structures within the mutual fund industry can promote style drift and conflicts of interest.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 11-03-2009
Buffett's Big Bet
Railroads may rebound, but they still face fundamental challenges.

Advisors Capital Management | John Petrides; Growth Portfolio Manager | 11-02-2009
"I'll Get Back in When the Market Corrects"
ACM Portfolio Manager John Petrides believes the correction that investors have been waiting for in the equity market is happening now.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 11-02-2009
Be Wary of "Inside Information"
In the context of investing, a shortcut approach will, more often than not, lead to the wrong decisions.

Arbitrage Fund | 11-02-2009
An Improving Merger Environment?
Today's deals continue to be smaller, better focused, and strategic in nature.

Bill George | Bill George | 11-02-2009
Focus on the Short-Term Hurts Companies
This crisis wasn't caused by subprime mortgages; it was caused by subprime leadership.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 11-02-2009
Rally Exhaustion or Pause to Refresh?
The major market indices finished lower for a second straight week on fears the strength of the economic recovery may be over discounted in stock prices.

Dreyfus | Richard Hoey, Chief Economist | 11-02-2009
Global Emergency Rescue a Major Success
Evidence continues to support that sustained economic recoveries have begun, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 11-02-2009
An Economy Overburdened by Demand?
The ripple effect of yesterday's decisions do play a part in whether we have the labor force sufficient to meet any actualized pent-up demand.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 11-02-2009
Risk Management and Convex Return Profiles
While Wall Street subscribes to the view that we are headed for of a typical post-war recession recovery, another far more dire outcome is being overlooked.

Kellogg School of Management | Taryn Luntz; Research by Alexander Chernev | 11-02-2009
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
How loss-aversion influences choices.

Kellogg School of Management | Peter Gwynne; Research by Daniel Cohen, Aiyesha Dey, and Thomas Lys | 11-02-2009
Beneficial or Detrimental Legislation?
The pros and cons of Sarbanes-Oxley

Kellogg School of Management | Aaron Mays; Research by Keziah Cook, David Dranove, and Andrew Sfekas | 11-02-2009
The Effects of Health on Wealth
Major illness leads to financial catastrophe for the uninsured.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 11-02-2009
Commercial Real Estate: The Other Shoe?
Rising defaults and a lack of easy liquidity have led many observers to wonder if problems in the U.S. might create something akin to the recent subprime debacle, a "second shoe."

Royce Funds | Frank Gannon | 11-02-2009
One Stock at a Time
Royce's Gannon believes we have returned to a more normalized environment where opportunities are found on a stock by stock basis rather than at the sector or industry level.

Royce Funds | Chip Skinner | 11-02-2009
Getting in Position
Chip Skinner discusses the positioning of his portfolio through the recession, and what he's looking for as the economy strengthens.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 11-02-2009
Taking a Large Grain of Salt with Past Performance Stories
Sidoxia's Wade Slome warns investors to be skeptical of the output and inferences drawn from any back-test or model.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 11-02-2009
The Stages of a Bull Market
The willingness of long-term investors to listen to bearish "broken records" and the unwillingness of equity mutual fund investors to add to their holdings is psychological proof that it is not different this time.

Turner Investment Partners | 11-02-2009
Stocks Take a Breather in October
Despite a pull back in the prior month, Turner Investments sees signs that the economy could get stronger and stronger.

US Global | Brian Hicks, Evan Smith | 11-02-2009
Are Higher Prices the 'New Normal' for Oil?
Robust 2010 oil demand growth will deplete inventories over the next 12-to-18 months and diminishing production rates in key areas around the world will create a supply/demand imbalance.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 11-02-2009
Five Thousand Pounds of Steel are Falling
America's infrastructure is snapping under the pressure of poor funding.

Wasatch | 11-02-2009
The Case for Micro Caps in Your Portfolio
It may make sense for you to include micro cap funds as a separate asset class in your overall allocation.

John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 11-01-2009
Should We Be Worried About Hyperinflation?
Will our large and growing government fiscal deficit and massive future liabilities for Medicare and Social Security lead us down the path of hyperinflation?

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