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Mutual fund managers' quarterly letters, market commentaries, forecasts, and other reports are full of interesting tidbits and, if one looks carefully, investment ideas. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Many portfolio managers, research chiefs, and advisors take the time to express their opinions about the markets, individual stocks, or other items on their minds. Some fund shops publish more frequently--on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

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Recent Commentary
Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-31-2009
It's Harvest Time Again!
Losses in taxable accounts can be "harvested", resulting in income tax savings that can mitigate the losses we have seen in our portfolios over the last two years.

Al Frank | John Buckingham; CIO | 10-30-2009
Sentiment-al Journey
The volatility in the past year has caused many to stray from the long-term paths they had been treading and has turned some investors so cautious that they've put their portfolios at the mercy of inflation.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-30-2009
How Efficient is Management?
One of the most important factors in determining whether a company is worth an investment is the quality of its management.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-30-2009
The Halloween Indicator Buried at Cemetery in 2009
The so-called "Halloween Indicator" has popularized the expression of "sell in May and walk away." The indicator obviously has not followed the alleged tendency in 2009.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-30-2009
Taking on Mutual Fund Fees
Mutual funds, fiduciary duty, and fairness

Bill George | Bill George | 10-29-2009
Overzealous Punditry is Hurting America
Talking heads cheapen discourse. Our problems are real. Let's discuss them in a real way.

University of Chicago (Booth) | 10-29-2009
Financial Trust Index: 22 Percent of Americans Trust the Financial System
Trust in America's financial system continues to edge upward according to the latest quarterly findings in the Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 10-29-2009
China's Private Investment Picking Up
China's macroeconomic data for the month of September shows some staggering growth.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-28-2009
What Does the Index Really Tell You?
While the S&P 500 is a useful indicator of the perceived health of the US economy, its usefulness as an investing and comparison tool is limited.

Bill George | Bill George | 10-28-2009
Auto Crucible: Will Americans Drive Chrysler's New Brands?
Will the infusion of Italian innovation be enough to bring Chrysler back to market relevancy?

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 10-28-2009
Books That Will Help Gain Sanity in an Insane Market - Part 2
The following books will help you to recognize the shortcomings of your hard-wiring and help you to devise strategies to deal with it.

Harry Domash | Harry Domash | 10-28-2009
Using the Fund Screener
Use Morningstar's free and user-friendly mutual fund screener to pinpoint funds more likely to outperform.

INSEAD | Shellie Karabell | 10-28-2009
Healthcare: At the Crossroads
There is no way to separate funding care from providing care, but the measurement tools can be questioned.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-28-2009
Clashing Views with Dr. Roubini
Wade Slome of Sidoxia Asset Management says perma-bear Nouriel Roubini's fluctuating views and Armageddon expectations are off base.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-28-2009
Not Out of the Woods Quite Yet
Fewer people are debating the existence of "green shoots," however now the discussion is turning to sustainability.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-28-2009
Starved for Financing: Is There Relief in Sight for U.S. Small Businesses?
Pending Congressional approval, new measures may raise the amount of credit extended to small businesses, creators of two-thirds of all news jobs and the employers of more than half of all private-sector employees.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-28-2009
Crackdown on Executive Pay: Too Much or Not Enough?
Wharton professors Wayne Guay and Alex Edmans discuss the consequences of "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg's executive compensation caps for Wall Street, shareholders, and taxpayers.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 10-27-2009
Applying Supply and Demand to Investing
Understanding how supply and demand impacts your investing can save you from destroying a lifetime of savings.

INSEAD | Kevin Tan | 10-27-2009
How Economic Excesses of the Past are Influencing the Present
The global economic environment of cheap money in the past two decades has been an aberration, which has led to today's massive capacity destruction of natural resources.

John Wasik | John F. Wasik | 10-27-2009
The $1.5 Trillion "Fix-Up" Gap
Getting everything repaired and modernized is perhaps the largest and most expensive "honey do" list imaginable.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-27-2009
Recent IRS Notice Could Save You on Taxes
A recent IRS notice allows a participant or surviving spouse to roll over required minimum 2009 distributions from an IRA or defined contribution plan to another plan or IRA.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-27-2009
Compensation: Pitchforks or Penalties?
Market officials will penalize wrongdoers, so we can safely put away the pitch forks and pull out more transparent glasses with which to oversee the industry.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | [Insert Author Here] | 10-27-2009
Banks and Loyalty
Big banks offer size and reassurance, despite their shortcomings.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 10-26-2009
Policy Needs and Timing Concerns
There is still much to be done in the aftermath of the credit crisis.

Calvert Group | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 10-26-2009
Economic Concerns Rain on the Earnings Parade
The major market indices finished lower for the first time in three weeks as spotty economic data outweighed generally better than expected earnings reports.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 10-26-2009
Books That Will Help Gain Sanity in an Insane Market - Part 1
Contrarian Edge's Katsenelson suggests a series of books that step away from daily market melodrama and provide plenty of sage advice.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 10-26-2009
Rumors of the Death of the Credit Crisis Are Greatly Exaggerated
Investor optimism in the mortgage crisis ending is nothing but a house of cards.

Leuthold | Steve Leuthold | 10-26-2009
A rocky October could set the stage for a potent November-December year-end rally.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 10-26-2009
Japan: Lost in Transition?
Even as Japan's economy gives off contradictory, if mildly encouraging, signals, the recent election has made the longer-term outlook especially ambiguous.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-26-2009
Do You Have Adequate Liability Insurance - Part II?
Patterson Advisors believes that all but those of very modest means should have an umbrella liability policy.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-26-2009
How Soon We Forget!
Patterson Advisors believes the current rally is being fueled by the 'typical investor' chasing performance after selling at market lows.

Research Affiliates | Robert Arnott and John West, CFA | 10-26-2009
Rip Van Winkle's Investment Lesson
Following the 'Take No Prisoners' market of 2008 and early 2009, the 'Mother of all Recoveries' market of 2009 continued in the third quarter.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-26-2009
Insider Trading: Raj Rajaratnam vs. Pete Rose
How is a sabotaging CEO, who is raking in millions by shorting his company's stock ,supposed to be a good thing for stakeholders?

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-26-2009
TARP: Now You See It, Now You Don't
We don't know where TARP money is, and we never will.

US Global | John Derrick, Director of Research | 10-26-2009
Time for New Stock Market Leadership?
The time may be right to reposition for the next leg of the recovery.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 10-26-2009
Big Cities, Big Opportunity
A mass migration is taking place across the globe as more and more people are relocating to urban areas.

John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 10-25-2009
Stagflation: The Better of Two Evils
John Mauldin believes the best outcome from all the easy monetary policy and budget deficits is stagflation. While not a pleasant scenario, he says, the far more worrisome prospect is continued trillion-dollar deficits.

John Mauldin | John Mauldin | 10-25-2009
The Best of Times or the Worst of Times?
John Mauldin and colleague Bill Bonner debate whether America's role in the changing global economy, and subsequently the fate of its future generations, is glass half full or glass half empty.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-23-2009
Identify, Understand, and Avoid These Investor Biases
Certain human biases can cause individuals to underperform as investors.

Cambiar investors | Todd L. Edwards, PhD, Investment Analyst | 10-23-2009
Roadmap to Recovery
Expect "right-size" returns amidst a few bumps along the road.

INSEAD | Glenn van Zutphen | 10-23-2009
Where Next for GE?
Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, comments on the current business environment and how successful business players need to have a corporate culture and strategic process that is flexible and can adapt quickly.

INSEAD | Karen Cho | 10-23-2009
A New World Order: The Rise of China and the Decline of the West
Author Martin Jacques argues that China will not only thrive in the 21st century, but will do so at the expense of the United States.

John Wasik | John F. Wasik | 10-23-2009
New Rules Make Saving for Retirement Easier
Congress and Treasury take a good look at auto-IRAs, savings bonds and retirement plans.

Reed Conner Birdwell | Jeffrey Bronchick, CFA | 10-23-2009
A Tsar Too Far

Turner Investment Partners | Heather McMeekin; Frank Sustersic, CFA; Vijay Shankaran, MD, PhD; Theresa Hoang | 10-23-2009
Acquisitions: Big Pharma's Response to Expiring Patents
Big drug companies increasingly need to make acquisitions to compensate for the expiration of key product patents.

Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy | Antonio Fat�s | 10-22-2009
Extending the (EMU) Stability and Growth Pact to Take Care of Global Imbalances
Will the G-20 commitment to address global imbalances translate into positive outcomes or actions?

Business Insider | Lawrence Delevingne | 10-22-2009
The World is Terrified to Raise Rates Before the U.S.
There's a huge problem with the entire world trying to have weaker currencies relative to the dollar right now.

MFS Funds | 10-22-2009
Global Economies at a Glance
Commentary and analysis on markets around the globe.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-22-2009
Misery Loves Company � Ruler Waffling
Don't panic if you wondering what will happen next. Just reach into the desk drawer and pull out the favorite tool of Wall Street equity and junk bond analysts...the righteous ruler.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-22-2009
What to Do Now? Time to Get Your House in Order
If you outsource your taxes to a professional CPA, and your estate planning (e.g., will and trusts) to attorneys, then why wouldn't you seriously consider outsourcing your investments to a professional?

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-22-2009
Cable On the 'Net
At Comcast, the art of the deal drives movement of TV content to the Web

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-22-2009
Opening Windows
The introduction of Windows 7 is not a big deal for Microsoft. It's a huge and critical deal.

Bill George | 10-21-2009
Let's Stop Vilifying the Bankers
The current public sentiment towards banks misses the forest for the trees.

Business Insider | John Carney | 10-21-2009
An Unpersuasive Defense of Megabanks
Can the size of the largest banks be defended?

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-20-2009
Apple's Soar Means Future Sores
Investors must keep in mind that price and value are two different things: just because Apple's business value is high, does not mean one should be willing to pay anything for the stock.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-20-2009
Do You Have Adequate Liability Insurance?
In today's litigious society, it is extremely important to have adequate liability coverage to protect you from a broad range of risks.

Davis Funds | Chris Davis, Ken Feinberg | 10-20-2009
Picking Through the Rubble
Chris Davis and Ken Feinberg are finding opportunities in globally dominant businesses and the beneficiaries of crisis.

Wasatch | 10-20-2009
Using a Directional Long/Short Fund as a Core Holding
A look at three different types of long/short funds.

Masters' Select Funds | 10-19-2009
Keeping a Cool Head in the Face of Extreme Pessimism
The ability to recognize extreme emotions that drive these cycles of fear and greed, and instead rely on cold, rational analysis, is one trait of successful investors.

Muhlenkamp | Anthony Muhlenkamp | 10-19-2009
The Roth IRA is an effective way of saving money for retirement that grows and compounds tax deferred, and can be withdrawn TAX FREE in retirement.

Muhlenkamp | Ron Muhlenkamp | 10-19-2009
Consumer Spending in Focus
Now the question is to what extent consumer spending resumes growth or stays subdued.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | 10-19-2009
A Global Question: Is it Time to Raise Interest Rates?
Should the world's main central banks raise interest rates too early, they may stymie the recovery now under way. But if they wait too long, they could generate inflationary pressures and create bubbles.

Advisors Capital Management | Charles Lieberman, CIO | 10-19-2009
Yet another Quarter of Better-Than-Expected Earnings Growth
Profits appear to be right on track.

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 10-19-2009
Who Needs Foreign Securities?
The "home country bias" practiced by many investors may in fact be rational.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-19-2009
Audiovox - the Comeback Kid?
While many of its competitors are currently still losing money, Audiovox has now turned a profit for two quarters in a row.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 10-19-2009
What Do They Actually Earn?
Investors need to strongly consider and account for the items that managements suggest should be ignored.

Bill George | 10-19-2009
Crisis, Crisis Read All About It!
The New York Times is on the verge of implosion.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 10-19-2009
Dow 10K: A Conspiracy of Optimism?
Current VIX levels is suggest that investors may be wearing rose-colored glasses, and therefore, a near-term pause may be in the cards.

du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 10-19-2009
Dow 10,000 Again, and Again
It's really just another number.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 10-19-2009
The Stock Market Has Never Been This (Intermediate-Term) Overbought
The anchoring of investor expectations to a past period of rich valuations and unusually wide profit margins does not seem reasonable.

INSEAD | Shellie Karabell | 10-19-2009
Tupperware: A Party Somewhere Every Two Seconds
The Tupperware sales force (of more than 2.4 million) has gone global, holding Tupperware parties in more than 100 countries, some of them as far from the US as India, France, China and Brazil.

INSEAD | Karen Cho | 10-19-2009
In "High Spirits"
LVHM sees 'huge potential' in China's traditional liquor market.

INSEAD | 10-19-2009
Understanding Markets Key to Globalization
Even as some multinationals are still mulling over their China strategy, others like Siemens had been laying the groundwork in China a long time ago.

Invesco Aim Investments | 10-19-2009
Can the Market Make You Rich?
Your contributions matter much more than investment returns.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist and Market Strategist | 10-19-2009
The "Value Trap"
Though the recent rally raises the market's vulnerability to a temporary correction, and many risks remain, history suggests that this particular concern is terribly misplaced, and even has a name: "value trap."

MFS Funds | James Swanon, CFA; Chief Investment Strategist | 10-19-2009
Whirling in a Positive Direction
MFS' Swanson says conditions are significantly better than they were six months ago, accurately reflected by the market, and he sees factors that could lead to even more positive results than expected.

Patterson Advisors | David C. Patterson, Erin Preston | 10-19-2009
Why You Should Consider a Roth IRA
Changes in 2010 make this option even more compelling.

Sidoxia Capital Management | Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP | 10-19-2009
From Pooches to Profits
PetSmart is benefiting from baby boomer "empty-nesters" and more pet-owning working couples.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | [Insert Author Here] | 10-19-2009
Making Sense of the Noise from Economic Indicators
A new index purports to measure the overall state of the economy on just about any given day.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) | [Insert Author Here] | 10-19-2009
This Means (Price) War!
Walmart shakes up another sector with price cuts

Al Frank | 10-16-2009
More Treats than Tricks
As the investment world reclaims normalcy, evidenced by the resurrection of the IPO market and flurry of M&A announcements, October will likely offer more treats than tricks for those able and willing to invest for the long term.

Bill George | 10-16-2009
The Ken Lewis Pay Refund Puts Teeth In "Pay For Performance"
"Pay for performance" only works when we don't pay for poor performance.

Eagle Asset Management | James Camp, CFA, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager | 10-16-2009
The Federal Reserve and Treasury: The Long Good-Bye?
Some Fed initiatives may be winding down as credit markets continue to recover.

Eagle Asset Management | Bert Boksen, CFA; Eric Mintz, CFA; Chris Sassouni, DMD | 10-16-2009
Stretched Valuations and Greater Volatility
Eagle's mid and small cap growth managers see opportunity for market strength to continue, albeit there will likely be some bumps along the path.

John Wasik | John F. Wasik | 10-16-2009
Stimulus Check 2009: How Will it Reshape America?
Author John Wasik provides insight on how the stimulus has impacted American industry as well as what lies ahead for future funding.

Shenkman Capital Management | Adam S. Kurzer | 10-16-2009
Benchmark Envy
Even if portfolio managers could replicate the index, would investors want to assume the commensurate risk of "owning the index"?

Dreyfus | Phil Maisano, CIO | 10-16-2009
The Crossroads of Recovery
CIO Phil Maisano reviews the direction and velocity of economic activity, the potential roadblocks, and the implication on the performance of various asset classes.

E*TRADE/Kobren Insight Management | Rusty Vanneman, CFA | 10-16-2009
Year-End Outlook � Trick or Treat?
Risk appetites grow as formerly spooked investors push money back on the table.

Hussman Funds | William Hester, CFA | 10-16-2009
This Earnings Season, Watch Sales
All of the attention focused on the surprises of either earnings or sales may be misplaced.

INSEAD | Kevin Tan, Singapore | 10-16-2009
Swiss Banking Secrecy Remains Intact
Switzerland's banking industry is firmly against "indiscriminate and unwarranted trawling" through bank accounts to uncover tax frauds.

Royce Funds | 10-16-2009
The Case for Active Management
It is not necessary for all managers to beat the market in order for active management to be validated as an approach.

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