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August 2009 Commentary
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman | 08-31-2009
Cash is a Clunker
Holding ample amounts of cash isn't solving any of your problems. It's not too late to get back in the market.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 08-31-2009
Rally Fatigue�Caveat Emptor
Wall Street's general indifference towards more evidence of economic recovery may signal that the rally is running out of steam.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 08-31-2009
A Tale of Two Data Sets
The U.S. stock market is overvalued, but not severely so.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati, Senior Economist | 08-31-2009
Labor Pains
It will still take time after the economy begins its recovery for the labor market to turn. In the meantime, uncertainty will remain.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-31-2009
Emerging Europe Re-Emerging
In the past couple of months, stock markets in the region have posted big rallies.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-28-2009
Earnings Capacity
How does an investor determine a company's earnings power in the face of asset impairments and plant shutdowns?

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-28-2009
Poor Infrastructure a Pothole for Russian Economy
The vast majority of Russia's roads, bridges, railways and power grid date back to the Cold War era, and it's estimated that more than 60 percent need to be replaced.

Discuss Contributor | Doctor Helen, aka DrHelen | 08-27-2009
How I Learned to Love Fixed Income Investing

Distressed Debt Investing | Hunter | 08-26-2009
How to Become a Better Investor

Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 08-26-2009
Solving the Common Stock Mystery
CIO William Smead believes long-duration (aka wide moat) companies are prepared to provide serious out-performance over the next five to seven years.

Third Avenue Funds | Marty Whitman, Ian Lapey | 08-26-2009
Whitman Says Cheap is Not Enough
The crisis reminds us that cheap is not a sufficient condition for common stock investing � it has to be combined with credit-worthiness.

Third Avenue Funds | Amit Wadhwaney | 08-26-2009
Bottom-up vs. Top-down Investing
Given the abysmal historic record of economists accurately forecasting economic variables, especially turning points or recessions, what hope would there be in accuracy of the steps that followed?

Third Avenue Funds | Curtis Jensen, Co-Chief Investment Officer | 08-26-2009
The Ingredients for a Good Value Recipe
Industries in which capital has been depleted, capacity has evaporated, or supply is otherwise scarce are presenting compelling investment ideas.

Third Avenue Funds | Michael Winer | 08-26-2009
Location, Location, Location = Asia?
As negative as Third Avenue's view is on U.S. commercial real estate, the opposite is true in Asia.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-26-2009
How You Dig Yourself into Debt
The average American will pay more than $600,000 in interest over their lifetime.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 08-25-2009
China: Beating a Dead Horse
China will pay a steep price after cooking GDP numbers and controlling its economy through forced lending and spending.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 08-25-2009
Conclusion: Beating a Dead Horse (to Death)
Those who invest in China or ignore the consequence of very likely Chinese economic malaise do so at great peril.

Sue Stevens | Sue Stevens | 08-25-2009
Roth Conversion 2010
Goodbye RMDs

Advisors Capital Management | Charles Lieberman, CIO | 08-24-2009
There's A Strong Recovery Ahead in Housing
ACM's Lieberman believes housing has bottomed and a strong rebound lies ahead.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 08-24-2009
"Buy the Dip" Mentality Prevails
Claymore's Schwager believes the high levels of cash on the sidelines coupled with increased risk-taking will result in buy-the-dip behavior and provide a downside buffer.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman, Ph.D. | 08-24-2009
Bernanke Sees a Recovery - How Would He Know?
A public servant willing to act this carelessly with the resources entrusted to him, and so strongly in defense of fellow bankers, frankly does not deserve the job.

INSEAD | Shellie Karabell | 08-24-2009
Credit Ratings: Buyer Beware
Economics Professor Patricia Langohr says credit ratings have become ubiquitous and arcane.

INSEAD | Karen Cho | 08-24-2009
The Dark Side of Trust
One needs to look no further than the scandal involving disgraced Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff to appreciate the detrimental effects of misguided or excessive trust.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 08-24-2009
Signs of Life in Capital Spending
Although business had dramatically cut spending on infrastructure, recent signs have appeared to indicate a shift toward re-expansion.

Tacita Capital | Michael Nairne | 08-24-2009
The Discomfort of Diversification
Investors are ill-equipped to deal with the disappointing truth that proper diversification calls for having some portion of a portfolio invested in today's losers.

Discuss Contributor | Chuck Wolfe | 08-21-2009
Constructing a Yield Focused Portfolio for Retirement

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-21-2009
Copper Forecast Turns Upward
London-based GFMS says that increases in copper prices will be driven by supply fundamentals rather than investor speculation.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead; CIO | 08-20-2009
The Correction that Refreshes
William Smead believes that the market is taking a break that will continue for weeks, maybe months.

Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-19-2009
Buying Back At The Wrong Price
Not only are share buybacks not always good news, but many actually destroy shareholder value.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA | 08-19-2009
Healthcare Game
What happens in Washington doesn't stay in Washington.

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-19-2009
The Four Stages of a Bear Market
If history is any guide, a correction is coming but we're not there yet.

Harry Domash | Harry Domash | 08-18-2009
Using Operating Margins to Pick the Best Player
Paying attention to operating margin trends will help you make better investing decisions.

Matthews Asia Funds | Sharat Shroff, CFA | 08-18-2009
Scouting for Growth-Oriented Companies
Portfolio Manager Sharat Shroff explores the ways in which Asia's growth continues to evolve.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman | 08-17-2009
Will Commercial Real Estate Defer Recovery?
It is doubtful that the commercial market will exert much drag on recovery in GDP, jobs, or growth.

Claymore Securities | Mike Schwager, Chief Market Strategist | 08-17-2009
Pullback Likely to Continue Due to Buyers' Fatigue
The major market indices finished lower for the first time in five weeks as softer than expected consumer oriented data led to fears the developing economic recovery could be in jeopardy.

Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson | 08-17-2009
Who Cares About China? You Kiddin' Me?
What happens in China in the near future will have a significant impact on the world, and more importantly our own economy.

Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 08-17-2009
Household Finances Begin to Heal
A key to sustainable economic growth lies in the state of household finances.

Research Affiliates | Robert Arnott and John West, CFA | 08-17-2009
A Crisis Review of Negative Alpha
The past 18 months reveal just how damaging negative alpha can be to equities.

US Global | U.S. Global Investors | 08-17-2009
Speculators Aren't Wicked, They Keep Markets Liquid
Many have been quick to cast energy speculators as villains, but they play an important role in commodities markets.

Crawl, Walk, or Run: Venturing Out On the Risk Spectrum
Lord Abbett | 08-15-2009

Lessons of the Past
Lord Abbett | 08-15-2009

Adjusting the Sails
Al Frank | John Buckingham; CIO | 08-15-2009

Things Have Changed
Royce Funds | 08-15-2009

An Inadvertent Entrepreneuresse
Hetty Green | 08-14-2009

U.S. Steel Industry: An Early Economic Barometer
Turner Investment Partners | Marc Bianchi, Robb Parlanti, Don Smith, Scott Swickard | 08-14-2009

Consumer Debt In A Historical Context
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-13-2009

Cash Uncovered: What's in Your Money Market Fund?
Invesco Aim Investments | 08-13-2009

Oak Value Fund Portfolio Managers Take Questions
Oak Value | 08-13-2009

Planning for the Unthinkable
INSEAD | Karen Cho | 08-12-2009

Rushing to Foolishness
Sweetwater Investments | Dennis Gibb | 08-12-2009

Now Comes the Hard Part
Reed Conner Birdwell | Jeffrey Bronchick, CFA | 08-11-2009

The S&P 500 Value Index Tells the Story
Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 08-11-2009

China: Believe the Hype?

US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-11-2009

Investing in Lower-Quality, Investment Grade Municipals
Managers Funds | Michael Zinkand, CFA | 08-10-2009

It's Looking More Like A V-Shaped Recovery
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 08-10-2009

Diamonds: An Investor's Best Friend?
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-10-2009

Consumer Saving on the Rise
Caldwell & Orkin | 08-10-2009.

Dog Daze
Dana Investment Advisors | Michael Dana; James Ivey | 08-10-2009

Expectations Are on the Rise
ICON Funds | Craig Callahan, President | 08-10-2009

Fixed-Income Market Commentary
Kobren Funds | Chris Keith | 08-10-2009

Shifting Back into Neutral
Kobren Funds | Rusty Vanneman, CFA | 08-10-2009

The Battle of the "Bears"
US Global | 08-10-2009

China's Growth an Accounting Miracle
Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson | 08-07-2009

The U.S. Recession is Over
Dreyfus | Richard B. Hoey, Chief Economist | 08-07-2009

Recession Recovery: An Uneven Union
US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-07-2009

Negotiating the "W"
Tocqueville Fund | Fran�ois Sicart | 08-06-2009

Risks Going Forward
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-05-2009

Keep an Eye on Money Supply
US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-05-2009

Auto Inventories Can't Drop Forever
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 08-04-2009

"Fixing" Target-Date Funds
Mel Lindauer | 08-04-2009

IEA says 'Catastrophic Shortfalls' for Oil Ahead
US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 08-04-2009

Sticking to Discipline While Awaiting Normalcy
Davis Funds | Andrew Davis; Keith Sabol, CFA | 08-03-2009

Key Advantages to Muni Bonds Remain
Dreyfus | Christine Todd | 08-03-2009

Oil�Illusion and Reality
Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 08-03-2009

Still Missing the Last Piece: Jobs
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman | 08-03-2009

Weighing in on Current Opportunties
Davis Funds | 08-01-2009

A Stock Picker's Market
Davis Funds | Ken Feinberg, Charles Cavanaugh | 08-01-2009

Commercial Real Estate Will Survive
Davis Funds | Andrew Davis, Chandler Spears | 08-01-2009

The Gannon Report: Exit Strategy
Royce Funds | Francis Gannon | 08-01-2009

Simple Twist of Fate
Royce Funds | 08-01-2009

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