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Mutual fund managers' quarterly letters, market commentaries, forecasts, and other reports are full of interesting tidbits and, if one looks carefully, investment ideas. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

Many portfolio managers, research chiefs, and advisors take the time to express their opinions about the markets, individual stocks, or other items on their minds. Some fund shops publish more frequently--on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

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July 2009 Commentary
Find Healthy Businesses with Upside
Harry Domash | Harry Domash | 07-31-2009

Uneven Rally Leaves Opportunties Aplenty
Oak Value | David Carr, Jr.; Larry Coats, Jr.; Christy Phillips | 07-31-2009

One of Life's Great Elixirs
Smead Capital Management | 07-31-2009

Contemplating the 'Mythical Argument'
Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 07-29-2009

A Pipeline to Prosperity for Colombia
US Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 07-28-2009

Dividend Growth Investing
Nuveen Mutual Funds | 07-27-2009

Economic Recovery May Come with Some Bumps and Bruises
Osterweis Funds | John Osterweis | 07-27-2009

Revenues Down, Profits Up, Is This A Problem?
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman | 07-27-2009

A Tough Economy Driving Deal Flows
Arbitrage Fund | 07-27-2009

Does the Fed Have What it Takes to Dig Us Out of the Hole?
Osterweis Funds | Carl Kaufman, Simon Lee | 07-27-2009

Parting Ways from the "Decession"
Cambiar investors | Brian M. Barish, President | 07-27-2009

Regulatory Runaround
Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 07-27-2009

Ruminations on the Efficacy of Capital Markets
Cambiar Investors | Brian M. Barish, President | 07-27-2009

The Power of Fundamentals
Jensen Fund | 07-27-2009

International Markets � Outlook for the Second Half of 2009
Invesco Aim Investments | Matt Dennis, Barrett Sides, Borge Endresen | 07-27-2009

Dollar in Disarray, China Buys Away
U.S. Global | Romeo Dator | 07-27-2009

Focus on Asset Allocation, Tune Out the Noise
du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 07-27-2009

Cambiar Investors: The Great Rebalancing
Cambiar Investors | Todd Edwards | 07-27-2009

Cambiar Market Commentary: Large Cap Value & Small Cap Value
Cambiar Investors | 07-27-2009

China Pulse Check: Signs of Recovery
Invesco Aim Investments | Samantha Ho | 07-27-2009

Boring Fair Price!
Grantham, Mayo, Van Oterloo & Co. | Jeremy Grantham | 07-27-2009

The China Bubble is Coming � But Not the One You Think
Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Kastenelson | 07-25-2009

Seeking Value Beyond the Recent Rally
Tweedy, Browne Funds | Christopher Browne, et al. | 07-24-2009

Letter to Shareholders
Longleaf Partners | Mason Hawkins, Staley Cates | 07-24-2009

Best Performing Sectors in Bull Markets
Smead Capital Management | William Smead , CIO | 07-22-2009

2009 Half Time Report
Leuthold | Steve Leuthold | 07-22-2009

Uncertainty Can Kill You
Barel Karsan Value Investing | Saj Karsan | 07-21-2009

Caterpillar's Earnings
Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Kastenelson | 07-21-2009

The Eaton Vance Perspective on California
Eaton Vance | [Author] | 07-21-2009

Policymakers and the Chinese Consumer
US Global Investors | Frank Holmes, CEO | 07-21-2009

Using the Premium Stock Screener
Harry Domash | 07-20-2009

Tremors in the Golden State
Lord Abbett | 07-20-2009

From Green Shoots to Flowering Buds
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, CIO | 07-20-2009

Are We "Turning a Corner" on the Economy?
du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty George, Senior Managing Director | 07-20-2009

A Roadmap to Sustainable Transport
INSEAD Knowledge | 07-20-2009

A Consumerless Recovery
Invesco Aim Investments | Josh Goldstein, CFA | 07-20-2009

Korea, Revisited
Matthews Asia Funds | Michael Han, CFA | 07-20-2009

Fundamentals in Place for New Bull Market
Legg Mason Partners | | Bill Miller, CFA | 07-19-2009

Bill Miller Commentary
Legg Mason | Bill Miller, CFA | 07-19-2009

Four Reasons Why Investors Are Wrong on IMS Health
Contrarian Edge | Vitaliy Katsenelson | 07-16-2009

The #1 Reason Why the Secular Bear Isn't Over Yet
The Pragmatic Capitalist | 07-16-2009

When Being Green Pays
INSEAD Knowledge | 07-16-2009

Water, Water Everywhere, Each Drop More Precious
INSEAD Knowledge | Shellie Karabell | 07-16-2009

Green Shoots in the Trenches?
INSEAD Knowledge | Shellie Karabell | 07-16-2009

How to Avert a Financial Crisis: Why Anticipation and Management Go a Long Way
INSEAD Knowledge | 07-16-2009

More Bullish Outlooks for Oil
US Global Investors | Frank Holmes, CEO | 07-16-2009

Ariel Fund: Market Paves Way for Bargain Shopping
Ariel Capital | John Rogers, Jr., Mellody Hobson | 07-15-2009

Scared of Debt
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 07-15-2009

There's Life Yet in An Aging Auto Industry
Turner Investment Partners | 07-15-2009

Keeping the Momentum on Sustainability
INSEAD Knowledge | 07-15-2009

Rethinking Risk: The Tale of 10 Days
Invesco Aim Investments | 07-15-2009

Laying the Groundwork
Royce Funds | 07-15-2009

The Long and the Short of It
Royce Funds | 07-15-2009

Is It Really Defensive?
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 07-14-2009

Looming Inflation: Preparing Your Portfolio
Invesco Aim Investments | 07-14-2009

Muhlenkamp Memorandum
Muhlenkamp | Ron Muhlenkamp | 07-14-2009

Mid-Year Outlook: Stock Rally in the Late Innings?
Kobren Insight Management | Rusty Vanneman | 7-14-2009

Mid-year Review: Not Half Bad
Kobren Insight Management | Chris Keith | 7-14-2009

A New World Currency?
U.S. Global Investors | Frank Holmes, CEO | 7-14-2009

Equity Expectations
Lord Abbett | Milton Ezrati | 07-13-2009

Diamonds In The Mortgage Rough
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 07-13-2009

A Hierarchy of Societial Needsdu Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Senior Managing Director | 07-13-2009

Too Far, Too Fast?
Research Affiliates | Robert Arnott and John West, CFA | 7-13-2009

The Shin Bone Is Connected to the Knee Bone...
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman | 07-13-2009

Distressed Investing Concept
Distressed Debt Investing | 07-01-2009

Electric Vehicles to Make a Comeback
INSEAD | 07-08-2009

China Crowns King Copper
U.S. Global Investors | Frank Holmes, CEO | 7-07-2009

Analyzing a Credit Agreement
Distressed Debt Investing | 07-06-2009

Disappointment, Not Tragedy
Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman; CIO | 7-06-2009

Beginning of a Bull Market or a Bear Market Rally?
Wasatch | Samuel Steward, PhD, CFA, Chairman | 07-06-2009

China's Stimulus Package: How Green?
INSEAD Knowledge | Lilian Luca | 7-06-2009

Doing Your Homework
Barel Karsan | Saj Karsan | 07-02-2009

A "Less Bad" Economy and "Less Good" Risk Premiums
Glenmede Investment & Wealth Management | Gordon B. Fowler, Jr., CIO | 7-02-2009

Retirement Planning in an Uncertain World
Merriman Advisors | 07-01-2009

Meltdown Leaves Big Opportunity in Small Caps
Teton Advisors | Nicholas Galluccio | 7-2009

Navigating a Painful Stock Market Detour
AllianceBernstein | 07-01-2009

Quality Will Flourish
The Royce Funds | 7-01-2009

The Road to Recovery
ICON Advisers | 7-01-2009

The New Normal
Royce Funds | 07-01-2009

Feudal Economy: 2009
du Pasquier Asset Management | Scotty C. George, Sr. Managing Director | 7-01-2009

Obama and the Market's Carnival Ride
U.S. Global | Frank Holmes, CEO | 7-01-2009

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