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Recent Commentary

Investors Solutions, Inc. | Frank Armstrong |
Did Modern Financial Theory Fail?
While the past years were difficult, the basic principles of the market still ring true.

Business Insider | Marshall Auerback |
The Real Reason Banks Aren't Lending
Americans just aren't creditworthy: there aren't enough qualified borrowers to drive lending.

Wade Slome | Wade Slome | 08-04-2010
The New Abnormal: Now And Then
Rather than a New Normal, we may be in the middle of an "Old Normal" with many similarities to the 1980s.

Smead Capital Management | William Smead | 08-04-2010
The Seller At The Bottom
The exodus out of stocks into bonds hasn't ended yet, but the turn is not too far off.

Patterson Advisors | Dave Patterson and Erin Preston | 08-04-2010
The Estate Planning Step Often Ignored
Make things easier on your survivors by pre planning your funeral

Anderson Griggs | Kendall J. Anderson, CFA | 08-03-2010
A 10-Step Process of Improving Portfolio Returns � Part IV
The final three steps of Dr. Woolley's manifesto encourage price disclosure, cost transparency and compliance.

Patterson Advisors | Dave Patterson and Erin Preston | 08-04-2010
The Downside of Regulation
Watch out for new fees

Royce Funds | The Royce Funds | 08-03-2010
Exploring Global Small-Caps: A Report From Across The Pond
Portfolio Manager David Nadel and Senior Analyst Mark Rayner share their thoughts on the current state of the UK.

Learning Markets | John Jagerson | 08-02-2010
The Real Story Behind Unemployment
How many jobs were added or subtracted from the economy and the unemployment rate data in recently released reports have significant problems.

U.S. Global Investors | Frank Holmes | 08-02-2010
The Next Big Emerging Markets?
Why CIVETS may soon be replacing BRICs in investors' lexicon.

Barel Karsan Value Investing Blog | Saj Karsan | 08-03-2010
Split Accounting
Some market participants try to make money off of stock splits, expecting the supply or demand of shares to rise or fall following splits or reverse splits.

Amateur Asset Allocator | Kyle Bumpus | 08-03-2010
Should You Invest In Sector Mutual Funds?
A sector fund is an exchange traded fund or mutual fund that concentrates its investments on a specific sector of the market (i.e. the REIT market, natural resources, the financial sector, etc).

Royce Funds | The Royce Funds | 08-01-2010
Fear and Trembling Marked the Year's First Six Months
While much of the world approached near-panic mode late in the first half of 2010, we continued to search for attractive opportunities and stick to our long-term investment horizon, which made our take on the first six months of the year a bit more optimistic than most. What follows is the Letter to Our Shareholders from the upcoming Semiannual Review and Report for The Royce Funds.

Royce Funds | The Royce Funds | 07-15-2010
Whitney George On Today's Opportunities
Whitney George, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Royce & Associates, discusses debt, the case for equities, and why he thinks that there are attractive opportunities in technology stocks and in Europe.

Royce Funds | The Royce Funds | 08-01-2010
The Gannon Report: Unusually Uncertain
Principal and Assistant Portfolio Manager Francis "Frank" Gannon provides thoughts regarding the economy, the markets and small-cap investing. Frank, a former panelist on Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street, has 17 years of investment management experience and joined our team in 2006.

Kellogg School of Management | Kellogg Insight | 08-02-2010
Spent: What happened to the 2008 stimulus checks?
The stimulus checks buoyed consumer demand but might not be an optimal policy tool.

Kellogg School of Management | Kellogg Insight | 08-02-2010
Valuing Possibilities
Investment behavior and stock returns may measure growth opportunities.

Wade Slome | Wade Slome | 08-02-2010
Buy-Out Firms Shooting Blanks
After the golden age of the mid-200s, private equity firms have been underperforming.

U.S. Global Investors | US Global | 08-02-2010
Emerging Markets Review
Profits at Chinese industrial companies climbed, but Vietnam's debt ratings were reduced.

U.S. Global Investors | US Global | 08-02-2010
Energy And Natural Resources Market
Coal production is up in China and Indonesia, but Iraq oil exports have dropped off.

U.S. Global Investors | US Global | 08-02-2010
Gold Market Review
Earnings reporting season is in full swing, and some companies have increased dividends.

U.S. Global Investors | US Global | 08-02-2010
The Economy And The Bond Market
Treasury bonds rallied, but austerity measures threaten to diminish growth.

U.S. Global Investors | US Global | 08-02-2010
Domestic Equity Market
There may be opportunity for gain in M&A transactions, but questions over the economy loom.

Advisors Capital Management | Dr. Charles Lieberman, Chief Investment Officer | 08-02-2010
The Bubble in Bonds vs. Cheap Stocks
The "lost decade" in stocks could be followed by a lost decade in bonds while stocks recover.

U.S. Global Investors | Frank Holmes | 08-02-2010
The Next Big Emerging Markets
With their young populations, diversified economies and relative stability, "CIVETS" could be the next wave.

Hussman Funds | John P. Hussman | 08-02-2010
Valuing the S&P 500 Using Forward Operating Earnings
Avoid relying on long-term predictions based solely on a single year of earnings.

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