This year's 10 most-read feature stories.
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The following articles, ranked by pageviews, were among the most popular with readers in 2008. Also click to see a full list of recent Fund Spy, Stock Strategist, Short Answer, and Investing Specialist articles. offers coverage of 950 stocks, 1,150 mutual funds, and 300 ETFs, plus market news, economic analysis, portfolio-planning insights, and investment commentary.

What Mutual Funds We're Buying | Fund Spy | Nov. 24 Premium Members know what funds we're recommending, but it's natural to be curious about the funds we're buying amid the bear market. And yes, we are buying ...

Five Fund Picks for the Next 15 Years | Fund Spy | May 8
We examined the long-term leaders list (based on returns over the past 15 years) and found that you really don't have to take a lot of risk to rise above the competition. How about the next 15 years? The strategies and management teams at these funds give us confidence in their futures.

The 10 Funds Suffering the Biggest Exoduses | Fund Spy | July 17
After this article was written midyear, outflows continued to hit the fund industry, with record-setting redemptions in the fall. Some funds deserved to see investors head for the exits, while we think others are keepers. Click here for a more recent update on fund outflows, and, if you missed it, watch our video report on the toll that outflows can take on both funds and investors.

The Best and Worst 529 College-Savings Plans | Fund Spy | April 16
Our annual college-savings report found that 529s continue to get better. Several years ago, many were high-cost messes. Since then, some have been spruced up and others have been shut down. Take another look at this year's picks and pans, and keep an eye out next spring for our updated report.

Lehman, AIG, Merrill: Which Funds Are Most Affected? | Fund Spy | Sept. 15
Fall 2008 brought unprecedented shocks to the global financial and credit markets resulting in Lehman's bankruptcy, the  AIG  bailout, and Merrill's failure and rescue by  Bank of America , to name just a few. As these storied institutions began to fall apart, investors soon realized that their exposure to these entities had real consequences in their mutual funds and money market accounts ().  Click here to see more financial crisis coverage from our stock, fund, and fixed-income specialists.

Best Stocks for 2018 | Stock Strategist | Jan. 9
Certainly much has happened in the markets since Jan. 9, but, as the title of this article suggests, our focus was never on picking the best stocks for 2008. As we accounted for the market's unprecedented course during the year (and its effect on our coverage universe), our fair value estimates have come down for some of these companies (and, for some, our fair value uncertainty ratings have risen). However, their economic moat ratings are intact (meaning we believe that these firms have retained their competitive advantages), and they are still trading in 4- and 5-star territory.

Five Stocks That Look Completely Worthless | Stock Strategist | Nov. 10
We use a $0 fair value estimate when we think that bankruptcy is much more likely than not--and even outweighs the option value of a troubled stock. We had already made several successful $0 calls in 2008, and this list includes five more we think are heading--sooner or later--for bankruptcy court. Click here for a more recent update on stocks with $0 fair value estimates.

What Should Mutual Fund Investors Do Amid a Panic? |  Fund Spy | Sept. 30
Extreme volatility () visited the markets in the fall, with 7%-10% swings not an uncommon occurrence. As bailout talks stalled and restarted, financial giants fell, and emergency meetings convened on busy Sunday afternoons, investors saw the value of their portfolios quickly eroding. With so many factors out of your control, Morningstar's Karen Dolan suggested taking a deep breath, your hand off the sell button, and a look at these funds.

Investors Are Ditching These Four Funds in Droves | Fund Spy | June 30
Outflows can become a destructive force when trading volume for a fund's holdings dries up. In that case, selling can actually lead to worse losses as the fund's traders have to offer fire-sale prices in order to find a buyer. By summer, these funds had seen a huge pickup in outflows. Had they crossed the line into the destructive kind?

What Went Wrong at Dodge & Cox | Fund Spy | Nov. 3
All five of this boutique's funds were getting slaughtered in 2008, especially its domestic and international equity funds, which had loaded up on many of the poster children of the market crash. We think investors have a right to be disappointed and even angry with the firm. But we believe those who are selling these funds are making a mistake. 

Most Popular Video
What to Make of the Bailout Plunge | Sept. 29
Morningstar's Pat Dorsey analyzes the market drop after the initial bailout plan rejection.

Bogle: Keep Investing | Sept. 23
The founder and former CEO of Vanguard talks to Morningstar's Christine Benz about why to stay the course amid the financial crisis.

Six Picks for Your IRA | April 8
Morningstar's Christine Benz highlights stock, fund, and ETF picks that are well-suited for tax-deferred accounts.

Bill Gross on the Rescue Plan and the Market | Oct. 7
The PIMCO co-CIO talks to Morningstar about the government's actions and his outlook for the economy.

Panic Puts Strong Dividend-Payers on Sale | Oct. 6
Morningstar's Josh Peters offers two picks that should weather a downturn and have attractive yields.

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