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Kuende Is A Gem For South Korea And Turkey11-12-18 11:25 AM EST NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2018 / Kuende is the only blockchain based social media app that rewards users for engaging in real-life experiences. So, when a country's citizens make an entire website about it, you know you're onto something. Blockchain enthusiasts from South Korean are excited for Kuende, an up and coming social media app that uses a blockchain and cryptocurrency to engage its users in real life experiences. South Korea is one of the biggest hubs for cryptocurrency, with some reports showing that one in three South Korean workers have invested in at least one project. To take it one step further, South Koreans even developed their own cryptocurrency, and some of the largest exchanges in the entire world call this country their home.

While South Koreans may seem to be obsessed with anything blockchain or crypto related, Kuende seems to be a special case. For one, Kuende promises a social media platform built on a blockchain that will allow enthusiasts from all over the world to come and connect. This has great appeal to South Koreans, who no doubt would love to meet with others to talk about their investments. Kuende Token is a cryptocurrency unique to the app, so it's already meeting a lot of interest. In just the first week of Kuende's public sale, it raised nearly 11,000 Ethereum. With the South Korean government looking into regulating Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), this is a sign of support from the average user.

Turkey is another interesting look at hubs for cryptocurrency. The president, Erdo?an, has called for citizens to exchange their foreign currency for lira, the national currency. He believes that this is one of the only ways to stand against the hegemony of the West. At the same time, the lira's value seems to only just have stabilized in October, and a poor economic situation presents a risky situation. It's an almost perfect Catch 22- do citizens trade their dollars and euros for liras and lose value, or stick with dollars and euros only to see their national currency go down more? Luckily, there seems to be a way out, and more and more citizens are putting their attention toward the decentralized option of cryptocurrency.

Where does this leave Kuende? As it turns out, in an extremely favorable position. Turkish citizens have found that the winning move is not to play the centralized currency game at all! Exchanges based in Turkey allow citizens to exchange their lira for Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which look to be better investments and monetary deals. A whopping 18% of Turkish citizens own cryptocurrency - compare this to the US with only 8% being invested. This means that Kuende also has a lot going for it. First off, most traditional social media platforms seem to have passed Turkey by. As one of the only blockchain based social media, Kuende can connect Turkish citizens to the entire world. Kuende Token, too, is an "altcoin" that can be used on the platform for advertising and creating real-life events for other users. Opportunities abound for Kuende in Turkey.

The CEO, Pavel Antohe, recently took a trip to the capital, Istanbul, to speak with potential partners and investors. What resulted was a whirlwind of a media frenzy - dozens of Turkish YouTubers and bloggers took to creating content describing why they believed Kuende was the future for social media and for social blockchains.

Although it's hard to predict how well the ICO market will perform in 2019 and beyond, it appears as if Kuende has caught lightning in a bottle by focusing on traditionally passed over markets and countries. You can check out Kuende's website at and see what the buzz is all about.

Contact Information:

Pavel Antohe
+40 0725 843 286

SOURCE: Kuende

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