Treasury Yield
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U.S. Treasury Bond Yields
MaturityCurrent*YesterdayLast WeekLast Month
3 Month0.280.250.330.26
6 Month0.380.390.440.35
2 Year0.670.720.710.62
3 Year0.760.820.840.74
5 Year1.
10 Year1.461.521.571.50
20 Year1.781.831.901.86
30 Year2.
Data as of last close *
Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Gov Bd TR Bond -0.105.21-0.502.135.073.692.59
US Inter Gov Bd TR Bond -0.214.28-0.621.374.103.362.21
US Lng Gov Bd TR Bond 0.0312.67-0.755.6612.519.586.29
US Shrt Gov Bd TR Bond -0.111.52-0.260.461.381.140.80
Data as of
Bond Market Update08-30-2016  03:34:43PM ET

Government Debt Gives Back Some of Monday's Gains

  • The U.S. Treasury market traded slightly lower today as U.S. economic data came out better than economists had forecast. The Conference Board's Consumer …
The Bond Column 08-26-2016  04:39:08PM ET Bond Bull nears End

Fed Chair Yellen gave her speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday and traders rapidly bought the dip as they did not interpret her remarks as explicitly making the September FOMC meeting a 'live' one. Fed Vice Chair Fischer said later … More...

Fed Brief08-26-2016  02:13:47PM ET
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen gave her much-anticipated speech on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy toolkit from Jackson Hole on Friday, August 26. The text of that speech, excluding footnotes, contained 28 long paragraphs, 249 lines, and 3,944 words. I can promise you that this perspective on her speech will be far … More...
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