Treasury Yield
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U.S. Treasury Bond Yields
MaturityCurrent*YesterdayLast WeekLast Month
3 Month0.490.490.480.38
6 Month0.630.610.600.52
2 Year1.
3 Year1.421.401.380.95
5 Year1.841.841.801.24
10 Year2.392.402.321.79
20 Year2.762.782.682.22
30 Year3.053.082.992.56
Data as of last close *
Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Gov Bd TR Bond -0.441.00-3.16-
US Inter Gov Bd TR Bond -0.221.35-2.79-3.071.412.001.46
US Lng Gov Bd TR Bond -1.301.10-7.04-
US Shrt Gov Bd TR Bond -0.040.93-0.80-0.750.880.760.67
Data as of
Bond Market Update12-07-2016  03:31:18PM ET

Treasuries End Higher Ahead of ECB Decision

  • U.S. Treasuries traded higher today despite a surge in global equity markets as WTI crude fell 1.94% to $49.94/bbl. The U.S. economic data was very light but …
The Bond Column 12-02-2016  04:53:07PM ET Treasury Selling Abates

Treasuries fell sharply over the first three and a half days of this week but the bulls appeared to capitulate in a selling frenzy late-Thursday morning and Treasuries rebounded sharply by Friday afternoon. The economic data was … More...

Fed Brief12-02-2016  03:03:39PM ET
Out with the old and in with the new. It happens every year with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the regional bank presidents who have a vote on that committee. The turnover occurs January 1; and it's important to know who the new voters will be since their policy views will go a long way toward shaping the outlook for … More...
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