Treasury Yield
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U.S. Treasury Bond Yields
MaturityCurrent*YesterdayLast WeekLast Month
3 Month0.
6 Month0.
2 Year0.440.510.620.60
3 Year0.750.831.001.03
5 Year1.221.331.501.58
10 Year1.771.862.032.12
20 Year2.122.202.332.45
30 Year2.402.472.592.74
Data as of last close *
Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Govt Bond 0.691.10-1.391.174.491.843.65
Intermediate US Govt Bond 0.571.09-1.360.623.181.493.67
Long-Term US Govt Bond 1.962.93-3.534.5615.634.828.29
Short-Term US Govt Bond 0.130.35-0.330.030.820.671.23
Data as of 02-28-15
Bond Market Update02-27-2015  02:28:40PM ET
Major Currency Pairs Range-Bound:
  • After Thursday's big U.S. Dollar rally, the major currency pairs went through a day of consolidation
  • The U.S. Dollar Index briefly pulled back to 94.90 after the Q4 …
The Bond Column 02-20-2015  04:40:55PM ET Turn in Bond Market?
5-Yr Note:

As the chart below depicts, the 5-year yield cut through its 50-day moving average with relative ease, reached its 61.8% Fibonacci retracement, traded back down to the 50-day, the 50% Fib, and the speculative uptrend … More...
Fed Brief02-24-2015  01:46:39PM ET
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on February 24 to provide her semiannual testimony on the economy and monetary policy. Per usual, she will go before the House Financial Services Committee in a second day of testimony on February 25 that is more often than not a reprisal of the first day of … More...
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