Treasury Yield
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U.S. Treasury Bond Yields
MaturityCurrent*YesterdayLast WeekLast Month
3 Month0.
6 Month0.
2 Year0.410.410.370.59
3 Year0.810.820.761.08
5 Year1.511.521.411.80
10 Year2.
20 Year2.752.772.682.99
30 Year3.043.052.963.22
Data as of last close *
Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Govt Bond -0.454.130.921.152.741.863.50
Intermediate US Govt Bond -0.653.451.041.081.661.653.79
Long-Term US Govt Bond -0.7913.842.082.779.254.217.04
Short-Term US Govt Bond -0.190.950.360.500.830.691.40
Data as of 10-29-14
Bond Market Update10-30-2014  08:36:56AM ET
Data Reaction:
  • Treasuries are seeing little reaction to the strong Q3 GDP-Adv (3.5% actual v. 3.0% expected)
  • Maturities across the complex press their best levels of the session. 
  • Light …
The Bond Column 10-24-2014  03:42:10PM ET Closing Bond Summary/Week Ahead
  • At the cash close, yields across the Treasury curve were unchanged
    • 2-yr note yield 0.39%
    • 5-yr note yield 1.49%
    • 10-yr note yield 2.27%
    • 30-yr bond yield 3.04%
  • Yields had … More...
Fed Brief10-29-2014  03:05:55PM ET
Give credit to the Federal Reserve for telling the capital markets exactly what the capital markets expected to hear out of its new policy directive:  Specifically:
  • Comforted by the improvement in labor market conditions, the Committee will conclude its current asset purchase program this month; and
  • The Committee … More...
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