Treasury Yield
Current* 1 Month Ago 1 Year Ago 3 Years Ago 5 Years Ago 10 Years Ago
U.S. Treasury Bond Yields
MaturityCurrent*YesterdayLast WeekLast Month
3 Month0.
6 Month0.
2 Year0.720.700.670.67
3 Year1.041.030.981.00
5 Year1.521.491.491.54
10 Year2.
20 Year2.662.622.642.61
30 Year2.972.932.942.92
Data as of last close *
Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Govt Bond -0.190.910.030.802.660.912.47
Intermediate US Govt Bond -0.201.840.210.953.070.972.57
Long-Term US Govt Bond -0.360.07-0.171.635.891.575.22
Short-Term US Govt Bond -0.100.810.
Data as of 09-02-15
Bond Market Update09-02-2015  03:36:21PM ET

 Treasuries Fall on Beige Book, Productivity, and Oil Rally

  • U.S. Treasuries declined today in a curve-steepening sell-off after Q2 productivity figures came out better than expected and the Fed's Beige …
The Bond Column 08-28-2015  04:52:53PM ET China Sells Treasuries

Typically, when equities enter a correction, the Treasury market also gains as expectations for growth, inflation, and the likely future path of Fed funds all move lower. Over the past two weeks, however, the 5-year note yield has moved … More...

Fed Brief09-02-2015  02:24:38PM ET
Will they or won't they?  That is the question that is on the mind of market participants around the globe as it relates to whether the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will raise the fed funds rate at its September meeting.  The view is pretty split among market pundits. is now of the opinion that the FOMC … More...
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