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Morningstar Government Bond Index
US Gov Bd TR Bond 0.23-1.640.880.43-1.750.791.36
US Inter Gov Bd TR Bond 0.22-1.590.710.20-2.230.571.21
US Lng Gov Bd TR Bond 0.47-3.781.990.95-3.391.833.35
US Shrt Gov Bd TR Bond 0.09-0.320.290.24-0.440.380.61
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Bond Market Update06-21-2018  10:30:01AM ET

Gains Extended

  • The Treasury market has extended its early gains amid a defensive showing from equities. Thanks to the steady advance, the market has reclaimed its losses from Wednesday, and …
The Bond Column 06-14-2018  04:57:21PM ET What a Differential a Day Makes

It's the summer of 2018, and if things pan out the way the European Central Bank (ECB) expects them to, the key ECB policy rates will be the same this time next year and even a little longer after that.

That was the word anyway … More...

Fed Brief06-13-2018  05:04:06PM ET
There will be much ado about the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) having a more hawkish-minded outlook based on the changes in the policy directive and projection materials that followed the June meeting.

Here is a sampling of why that perspective was hatched in the market's mind:

  • The so-called "dot plot" … More...
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