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US Gov Bd TR Bond 0.08-2.51-0.28-0.07-1.910.480.87
US Inter Gov Bd TR Bond 0.16-2.27-0.22-0.36-2.550.360.68
US Lng Gov Bd TR Bond 0.00-5.68-0.780.17-3.180.972.08
US Shrt Gov Bd TR Bond 0.08-0.63-0.01-0.04-0.740.320.48
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Bond Market Update05-23-2018  11:30:58AM ET

Treasury Auction Preview

  • $36 bln 5-year Treasury note auction (results at 13:00 ET)
    • Prior auction results:
The Bond Column 05-17-2018  04:55:31PM ET A Possible Surprise in Store for the Euro and the Treasury Market

If you don't think there has been a loss of positive economic surprise momentum in the eurozone, think again.

The Citi Economic Surprise Index for the eurozone has fallen off a cliff this year and currently sits near a seven-year … More...

Fed Brief05-02-2018  02:57:19PM ET
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has a job to do and it did that job today in the manner that was expected.

In a unanimous vote, the FOMC voted to leave the target range for the federal funds rate unchanged at 1.50% to 1.75%. The policy directive, meanwhile, laid the groundwork for a rate hike at the June meeting. … More...
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